Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate

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Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate { 16 lb | 7.3 kg }

Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate

Front View
Front View Back View Sidemount Scuba Diving Nomad Weight Plate: Dive Rite
  • Holds up to { 16 lb | 7.3 kg }
  • Four separate Velcro pockets
  • SuperFabric material for maximum durability
  • { 8.5 in x 15 in | 22 cm x 38 cm } dimensions
  • Includes two metal assembly screws for attachment

Nomad XT and EXP divers who need to add weight to their rig will want the new Nomad Weight Plate. Designed to hold up to { 16 lb | 7.3 kg } of weight in four separate pockets, the Nomad Weight Plate attaches to the back of the Nomad XT or EXP using the existing grommets in the backplate. (Note: the JT version of the Nomad does not have the grommets and will not accept the weight plate.) Two metal assembly screws are included. Formed in the shape of the backplate and with dimensions of { 8.5 in x 15 in | 22 cm x 38 cm }, it lies flat and isn't felt by the diver. The outside of the plate is covered with new, SuperFabric® brand material, a flexible, yet abrasion and puncture resistant material, which provides superior wear and tear protection. The grommets of the plate measure at { 11.5 in | 29 cm } center-to-center, giving an extra { 0.5 in | 1.3 cm } of spacing as compared to the grommets of the Nomad backplate. This allows the plate to align once it is filled with weight as the extra length is absorbed as the plate "thickens."

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Brand Dive Rite
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