Dive Rite DUAL Rec XT Armored Wing ({45 lb | 20.4 kg} Lift) w/Plain Elbow, 16-in Hose

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Dive Rite DUAL Rec XT Armored Wing ({45 lb | 20.4 kg} Lift)

Dive Rite DUAL Rec XT Armored Wing ({45 lb | 20.4 kg} Lift) w/Plain Elbow, 16-in Hose

Dive Rite DUAL Rec XT Armored Wing ({45 lb | 20.4 kg} Lift) w/Plain Elbow, 16-in Hose
Dive Rite DUAL Rec XT Armored Wing ({45 lb | 20.4 kg} Lift) w/Plain Elbow, 16-in Hose
  • Hybrid Wing can be worn on single or double tanks
  • Rugged SuperFabric® brand technology XT material
  • Gusset Control System to streamline and reduce drag
  • Includes Plain elbow {16 in | 40.6 cm} corrugated hose
  • Includes {22 in | 55.88 cm} low pressure BC inflator hose

Dive Rite's line of scuba armor - the XT Armored Wing Series , built upon the legendary toughness of SuperFabric® brand technology, is outstandingly rugged. SuperFabric is a technical fabric resistant to cuts and abrasion. Created with a base fabric and then overlaid with tiny guard plates, this proprietary armored surface, along with material science and strategic geometric patterns, transform ordinary fabric into SuperFabric brand materials. Spacings between the guard plates allow for flexibility and breathability, yet are small enough to keep sharp objects from penetrating. Dive Rite's XT Armored wings have the durability of SuperFabric outer side with a 1000 denier Cordura® inner side to create an armor-clad shell that is impervious to damaging pinches, cuts and abrasions.

The strength of the XT wings is further enhanced with a heavy-duty 210 denier laminated nylon bladder. They have married the SuperFabric brand technology together with their laminated nylon bladder creating ruggedized versions of their entire line of wings under the XT Armored name. So strong and so durable the Dive Rite XT Armored Wings feature a WORRY-FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE †.

* Because the XT series are expedition grade wings, they all come standard with a plain elbow, oval corrugated hose, power inflator and low-pressure BC power inflator hose preferred by technical divers.

† Dual XT Wings incorporate two bladders to provide back-up inflation. The dual bladder wings offer the same versatility and lift capacity of the single bladder wings. The dual option is ideal for technical divers who dive wet and do not have a drysuit as alternate buoyancy or for any diver who wants to ensure their backup buoyancy has the same lift capacity as their primary.

† Dive Rite is supporting their XT Armored Wings with a WORRY-FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Dive Rite will repair or replace XT Wing damaged by faulty manufacture or material, at no cost, for the lifetime of the wing. This warranty applies to the original retail purchaser. Please note that it extends to all XT Armored Wings purchased from Dive Gear Express, but does not cover commercial or rental use.

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Dive Rite's Gusset Control System

Gusset-Control Cord The gusset-control cord found on some Dive Rite Wings fulfills a variety of functions. Among them:
  • When the air cell is not inflated, the cord helps lower the air cell profile. This reduces drag and helps protect the air cell from damage.
  • By tightening the cord, you can limit lift capacity to only that needed for a particular application. The benefit is that reduced lift capacity also helps reduce the likelihood of uncontrolled ascents.
  • Tightening the gusset-control cord to its maximum limit helps prevent the air cell from wrapping around the sides of single cylinders. (Some doubles wings do not have GCS and they should not be used with single cylinders.)
  • Loose or tight, the GCS cord helps the Wing maintain a smaller profile for divers traversing in tight passages and the cord compression helps in dumping air.
You can tighten or loosen the gusset control cord by changing the position of the clips at each side of the base of the air cell.

The cord is also very easy to make shorter if you prefer. Just slide the collar off one of the clips, pull the cord out of the clip, cut the cord to shorten, push the cord back into the clip, and reinstall the collar.

For those who prefer not to use gusset cords, the cords can be removed entirely.

Gusset-Control Cord Clip