DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kit

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DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kit is made from nylon webbing straps that resist breakage and splitting.

DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kit

DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kit
DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kit DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kit DGX Premium Webbing Stage Strap Setup
  • Our most popular stage strap - the classic
  • Nylon webbing strap w/ vinyl tubing
  • Sewn loop design to encircle the neck of the valve
  • Includes sheathed hose clamp and hose retainer
  • All hardware is included - assembly required

The Dive Gear Express Premium Webbing Stage Strap Kits are based on straps made from { 2,200 lbs | 1 mt } tensile strength nylon webbing that resists breakage and splitting, to create a durable and long-lasting foundation for stage rigging. It's also better than round cord because it does not stretch and lies very flat against the side of the cylinder. A sewn loop to encircle the neck of the valve together with a position adjustable crown snap attaches the top of the cylinder to your shoulder strap D-ring. The strap then runs through a piece of removable vinyl tubing to another position adjustable snap on the adjustable length tail of the strap that is held in place with an all stainless steel sheathed clamp at the bottom of the cylinder. The kit includes your choice of size to match your cylinder, a high quality elastic hose retainer and two XL bolt snaps that are easier to use, particularly with gloves.

  • X-Small fits cylinders approximately {4.50 in | 11 cm} in diameter (AL-13, AL-19, Luxfer AL-30)
  • Small fits cylinders approximately {5.25 in | 14 cm} in diameter (AL-30, AL-40, LP-45, LP-50; Metric: 5L, 7L)
  • Large fits cylinders approximately {7.25 in | 18 cm} in diameter (LP-72, LP-80, AL-80, HP-80, LP-85, HP-100; Metric: 9L, 10.5L, 12.2L)
  • X-Large fits cylinders approximately {8.00 in | 20 cm} in diameter (LP-95, AL-100, LP-104, HP-117, HP-133; Metric: 15L, 18L)

This stage strap kit requires assembly and therefore allows you to position the hardware in the location you prefer, because the snaps are not sewn in place, they are held in place with special stainless steel keepers. This means the snaps can be changed for another size if you prefer and their position on the neck plus the length of the tail of the strap can be adjusted to suit the application and diver preference. If you also need a lower profile, because the snaps are not sewn in, the vinyl tubing can be removed.

Best practice is to also dedicate your cylinder to a specific mix with a pair of MOD Decals.

Although a common practice, the vinyl tubing should not be used as a carry handle. Always carry the tank by the valve, because using the tubing as a carry handle will cause the rigging to become loose and necessitate readjustment.

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Customer Reviews

Looping Hoses Under Hose Retainers

A diver who carelessly stuffs the hose (especially a long hose) under a retainer near the base of the cylinder, when clipping the cylinder to their harness is more likely to inadvertently pass the base clip and strap through a loop of the hose. If they later try to deploy the long hose, it's snagged by the base of the strap and clip, and the full length cannot be deployed until the base is unclipped. Avoid routing the hose under the retainer such that a large loop is created near the base snap. Using two retainers, or a wide retainer , and positioning the hose retainer high also keeps the second stage more tightly tucked up against the valve and very tidy.