DGX Gears Premium Dual-Outlet Long Neck Manifold with Isolator

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This manifold style makes the valve knobs a little higher and easier to reach for valve drills but makes the manifold more exposed.

DGX Gears Premium Dual-Outlet Long Neck Manifold with Isolator

Premium Dual-Outlet Long Neck Manifold with Isolator
Premium Dual-Outlet Long Neck Manifold with Isolator Modular Long Neck Valve Dimensions Center Bar Dimensions
  • Left and Right modular valves w/ isolation crossbar
  • 8.5-inch adjustable center-to-center spacing
  • Nitrox Ready - Chromed Brass Construction
  • Standard 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) neck threads
  • 5250 psi burst disks

The manifold consists of left and right DGX Premium Long Neck modular valves with an isolation crossbar offering 8.5-inch adjustable center-to-center spacing that perfectly fits any diameter scuba cylinders using standard tank bands. The long neck makes the valve knobs sit a little bit higher, which may make them easier to reach behind the diver. The modular barrel design connectors incorporate double O-ring seals known for their robust reliability. The valves come with 5250 psi burst disks, standard 3/4" NPS neck threads that fit all modern U.S. scuba cylinders, and are Nitrox Ready. The valves have DIN outlets that can accept optional removable inserts (sold separately) so the valves may be used with yoke connectors. You may see this style of outlet variously described as Pro, 200-Bar DIN (G 5/8 BSP), or 232-Bar DIN. Also includes the port plugs so you can reconfigure your doubles as left and right singles if the need arises.

How to Assemble Double Cylinders

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Great set with a great price!
Feb 2, 2020
Great set with a great price. I've got several sets and they work flawlessly. Finish is holding up nicely.
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Good for the price.
Dec 17, 2019
Good for the price. If you dive with Aluminum tanks you would like to replace the rapture disks with lower pressure ones. In my set the pre-installed discs were very hard to remove. The dive shop technician struggled for 30 min. He explained that they were heavily over torqued when installed. I wish the burst disks were just added to the package but not installed because the way it is done makes it very hard to replace and increases the chance of damaging the valve.
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DGX Manifold Rocks!!!
Jan 10, 2017
Installed on double HP 120's. Solid construction. Well put together. The next day jumped a wreck at 170' (Hydro Atlantic). No issues. Performed as it should. Thanks Dive Gear Express for another outstanding product.
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long neck yokes :-)
Aug 4, 2016
Used it to band together a couple old steel 50's I saved from the scrap heap. Worked great. I like the high posts (long necks) it makes it a lot easier to reach all the valves....
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Clean and Smooth
Jul 3, 2016
Smooth turning valves built with quality in mind. I am using this for side mount diving and they are fantastic. Worth every penny
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Verified Buyer
Feb 25, 2016
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Nice Manifold
Jul 9, 2015
Exactly as expected and a great value. Although I am currently using these as individual valves on 2 AL80s I wanted the option of setting them up as doubles so it was easiest to just get the manifold now.
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