DGX Custom - DGX Gears FIRST/D6 O2/Stage Reg Package

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The DGX O2 Deco Regulator is suitable for Oxygen Service without the need for additional preparation. A value priced but quality flow-by piston DIN first stage and balanced adjustable second stage that delivers improved performance in appropriate deco depths for 50% to 100% oxygen.
This regulator has the typical BSP G5/8 DIN connector that will fit 200 Bar and 300 Bar SCUBA valves. It will NOT fit the M26X2 Nitrox/Oxygen valve outlet mandated ONLY in the European Union by the EN 144-3:2003 standard.

DGX Custom - DGX Gears FIRST/D6 O2/Stage Reg Package

Complete Package with White PSI SPG
Complete Package with White PSI SPG DGX Gears FIRST DIN Regulator D6 adjustable second stage
  • Compact lightweight decompression regulator
  • Piston DIN 1st stage w/ balanced adjustable 2nd
  • Three LP 3/8-inch ports - one HP 7/16-inch port
  • Includes Mini-SPG, S/S bolt snap, DIN cap, and GREEN {40 in | 1 m} flex hose
  • Assembled, tested and shipped to you ready-to-dive

The DGX Gears FIRST/D6 O2/Stage Reg Package is assembled using oxygen compatible materials and lubricants, and is suitable for Oxygen Service without the need for additional preparation. The DGX Deco Regulator is a compact, lightweight option for an accelerated decompression regulator. A value priced but quality flow-by piston DIN first stage and balanced adjustable second stage that delivers improved performance in appropriate deco depths for 50% to 100% oxygen.

The DGX FIRST is a compact first stage flow-by piston regulator with an IP of 120 and the typical BSP G5/8 DIN connector that will fit 200 and 300 Bar valves. This first stage provides unusually good performance for such an inexpensive system. The DGX D6 second stage is pneumatically balanced for excellent breathing. Internally it contains a chrome plated brass air barrel for performance and durability. The black soft touch silicone front cover for easy purge and along with a scalloped metal user adjustable breathing resistance knob. It also offers the venturi (Dive /Pre-Dive) switch for better flow control when needed and to reduce free flow upon initial entry. The included C-Bite+ mouthpiece provides comfort and helps to reduces jaw fatigue on longer deco obligations.

The package includes a Mini-SPG in choice of PSI or BAR, S/S bolt snap with hose clip retainer, DIN cap, and comes assembled by Dive Gear Express with a green {40 in | 1 m} hose. The braided flex hose makes hose management easy and comes standard with the DGX O2 Deco Regulator setup.

Our suggested service interval for all DGX Gears regulators is every two years or one hundred dives. Any competent service tech will have no issues with service of the DGX Gears regulator models. There is nothing unique about DGX Gears regulators in terms of service requirements and needs no special equipment beyond that found on the typical regulator technician bench. We believe our customers also have the right-to-repair, so we publish detailed service manuals and we sell without restriction all service parts and periodic service kits for the DGX Gears brand regulators. See the Product Attachments tab of the periodic service kits for service manuals including IPB and torque values on the DGX Gears FIRST Service Parts Kit, and the DGX Gears D6 Service Parts Kit (select 2nd stage).

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING
According to our suppliers, this product is compatible with oxygen and factory cleaned for use with oxygen. Nonetheless, the 'clean state' of this equipment applies only prior to initial use. Thereafter, periodic inspection and cleaning are a necessity. You must meticulously follow the recommendations of the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), and other federal/state/local agencies, plus your dive training agency for equipment maintenance, handling, storage, labeling, filling, transport and use of compressed gases. Oxygen-related fires and explosions can result in serious injury or death. Ultimately, you must make the final decision to assume all risks associated with the use of any compressed gases, including those in excess of 23.5% oxygen.


Regulators and Required-stop Accelerated Decompression

Open-circuit technical divers often switch to breathing pure oxygen or a very rich advanced Nitrox mix such as 50%, to substantially reduce their required-stop times as compared to decompressing using just their bottom mix, called accelerated decompression. The depth where the gas switch occurs is relatively shallow, typically {20 fsw | 6 msw} for 100% oxygen or { 70 fsw | 21 msw} for 50% Nitrox. For profiles with very deep and/or very long bottom times, the diver can further reduce their required-stop times with multiple gas switches during the ascent, sometimes called multi-staged accelerated decompression (not to be confused with regulator stages). The depths where the first gas switch occurs in multi-staged deco is relatively deep, typically {100 fsw | 30 msw} using a sport Nitrox mixture and for extreme exposures often the first switch is around {190 fsw | 57 msw} using normoxic Trimix.

Divers on decompression stops are normally at rest and decompression gas regulators are typically configured with only one second stage regulator. Required-stop decompression in general is not an activity that demands high-performance regulators, although it can be in physical overhead environments where the diver must also continue swimming towards an exit. The shallower accelerated decompression depths when using very oxygen rich breathing gases are not at all demanding of regulator performance, almost any regulator would do in theory, but the very rich decompression gas requires the regulator be specifically designated as suitable for use with pure oxygen. Unfortunately, most manufacturers only describe their regulators as suitable for Nitrox mixtures to 40% maximum.

Dive Gear Express offers several specialty decompression regulators all designed and qualified for use with breathing gas mixtures containing up to 100% oxygen, but each suitable for use in differing maximum depth ranges based on their performance. The Dive Rite O2 Regulator is suitable to a maximum depth of { 50 fsw | 15 msw}. The DGX Gears O2 Regulator is suitable to a depth of {130 fsw | 40 msw}. The Mares O2/Stage Regulators are suitable for use to a depth of {160 fsw | 50 msw}. The Dive Rite O2/Stage Regulator and the Apeks O2/Stage Regulator depth limits exceed {330 fsw | 100 msw}. For reasons of familiarity and ease of maintenance irrespective of cost, divers will sometimes choose to use deco regulator versions similar their primary even though their performance exceeds the demands of required-stop accelerated decompression.

Regardless of the capabilities of your regulator, the maximum depth of your dive is also limited by the amount of oxygen in the breathing gas and the partial pressure of oxygen at that depth.