DGX Gears Horizontal Expandable Zipper Pocket

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The DGX Gears Horizontal Expandable Zipper Pocket expands for those times when you need to carry more.

DGX Gears Horizontal Expandable Zipper Pocket

Front View
Front View Back View - Mounted to Backplate with Quick Links Zipped and Unzipped Unzip to Expand Capactiy Attached to Cylinder Clamps for Tank Mount Mesh for Drainage and Small  Webbing Loop for Bungee Attachment
  • Expandable from compact to full size as required
  • 3 different mounting options - waist / butt / tank
  • YKK quality zipper w/ pull
  • Durable 1680 ballistic nylon construction
  • Rectangular shape with dimensions of {6 x 10 in | 15 x 25 cm}

The DGX Gears brand expandable zipper pocket allows for compact streamlined use when required or unzipping to create enough space to fit a SMB, lift bag, safety reel, large finger spool, back-up mask or many other accessories. Offering 3 different mounting options, this pocket is perfect when diving open water (waist mount), sidemount (butt mount), or for use on a CCR bailout or stage bottle (tank mount). Use a variety of quick links, snaps, hose clamps or shock cord to create the mounting system you prefer. A unique built in webbing sheath on the front allows for quick deployment of an EEZYcut Trilobite or any item with a compatible Velcro strip. You may also store Trauma Shears, a Titanium Line Cutter or basic line cutting tool when you purchase a DGX lanyard with Velcro (not included). A small webbing loop inside allows for bungee cord attachment if desired to help secure items. The over-sized zipper for the main compartment ensures smooth operation and large pull tab will accommodate use with gloves.

The pocket is rectangular with approximate dimensions of { 6 x 10 in | 15 x 25 cm } and over {3 in | 7.6 cm} wide when unzipped. A fine mesh webbing piece at the bottom provides drainage. Two { 1 in | 2.5 cm } width nylon webbing strips along the back provide a secure fit on any { 2 in | 5 cm } webbing. There are also four { 1 in | 2.5 cm } width nylon webbing strips to allow for tank mounting with either hose clamps or shock cord as desired. In addition there are two { 1 in | 2.5 cm } width nylon webbing loops to allow for butt mounting with the use of either quick links or double end snaps as preferred.

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