DGX Gears 800 Handheld Light

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The DGX 800 Handheld Light features a true out-the-front 800 system lumens of cool white 6500°K light in a tight 8° beam

Due to restrictions on shipping batteries for international delivery, we must limit this light to only one per order.

DGX Gears 800 Handheld Light

DGX 800 Handheld Light
DGX 800 Handheld Light Complete Kit w/ US Plug Triple O-Ring Seal Battery Orientation in Charger Battery Orientation in Light Front View Handheld LED Lights Size Comparison
  • Offering 800 lumens and depth rated below 600 feet
  • Anodized aluminum body - quality glass lens
  • Twist ON/OFF at the head - burn time 90 minutes
  • Body is {8 x 1.6 x 1.4 in} - weight {12.5 oz} w/ battery
  • Includes (2) lithium-ion 18650 batteries and charger

Due to restrictions on shipping batteries for international delivery, we must limit this light to only one per order.

Similar to our extremely popular single battery DGX 600, but with a longer body incorporating two batteries, the 30% brighter DGX 800 Handheld Light features a true out-the-front 800 system lumens of cool white 6500°K light in a tight 8° beam with 50% more burn time. Twist the light head portion for ON/OFF activation with a triple O-ring seal. Using the two (2) supplied lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries, this compact light has a burn time of about 90 minutes . According to CREE, the DGX 800 has one of the highest performing single-die LEDs that is commercially available, the XLamp XM-L2 U2 LED offering 1100+ raw lumens, and is single-mode driven to prioritize light output over burn time. Although no substitute for a canister light, we are not exaggerating when we say this handheld light throws more punch than many of the previous generation of canister primary lights in the water today. Considering the Dive Gear Express price, durability and light output the DGX 800 represents an excellent value!

Incorporating an optical quality glass lens with a triple o-ring seal between the head and body, the light is IP68 rated to { 656 ft | 200 m }. The switch design is twist ON/OFF at the head; unscrew the head completely from the body to load the batteries. We designed this light with very tight tolerances to ensure the extreme depth rating so you will notice the activation does take effort. The tail has a sturdy rear tie-point for a bolt snap or use the included lanyard. The light has an electronic circuit to maintain constant light output as long as possible and provides reverse polarity & over temperature protection; meaning the DGX 800 can also be briefly used as a dry flashlight on the surface. The anodized aircraft aluminum body measures approximately { 8 x 1.6 x 1.4 in | 203 x 40 x 35 mm } (length x head diameter x tube diameter) with a dry weight of { 12.5 oz | 354 gm } including batteries. Use the TTI-1004 Generic Mounting Bracket (Small) for helmet mounting this light.

In The Box -- The DGX 800 light head and triple O-ring seal body with three O-rings pre-installed on the body, plus a lanyard and a set of three spare O-rings. The package also includes two lithium-ion 18650 protected 3.7V batteries and 110/220V 50/60Hz mains dual charger with US flat blade plug on the power cord - an EU round mains plug adapter is available separately.

There isn't a manual, however there is not much to know. To load batteries, unscrew the head from the body until the two pieces separate and then insert the batteries in to the body, negative end first such that the positive end will be pointing toward the light head. Hold the head and screw the body clockwise back together all the way until it stops. To turn off, twist the body counterclockwise until the light goes off then continue to twist the body one half revolution. Once assembled, the twist-on light should require a maximum of about one full revolution to turn on or turn off. If the O-rings look dry, leave them in place but smear a very small amount of silicone lubricant on the part of the O-ring surface you can see. If the O-rings start looking flat, then replace them with the included spares. Do not store the light for extended periods with the batteries remaining inside the body. You might also benefit from reading How to Use a New Twist-On Handheld Dive Light.

The DGX light includes a generic batteries and charger, but any good quality protected-type 18650 battery and charger is suitable. They all pretty much work the same way and are interchangeable. Some batteries ship with a small adhesive cover on the ends or a sealed with a clear (not blue) plastic shrink wrap, if so remove and discard. Place the battery in the charger, matching the positive and negative indications on the sides of the battery to the same indications on the charger, and then plug in the charger. If the battery is properly positioned in the charger, a red light will illuminate and then some time later change color to green when done. Charging time varies considerably depending on the pre-existing charge level of the battery, typically 2 to 3 hours but can be as long as 4 to 6 hours for a depleted battery, and it's normal for batteries to get warm while charging. Best practice is never leave charging unattended then once the light turns green, unplug the charger and remove the battery.

Burn times with the supplied batteries are a conservative estimate for technical diving use. Burn times can vary widely because we observe that most brands of lithium-ion 18650 batteries grossly over state their power rating claims.

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Compare the DGX 300 - 600 - 800 lights

DGX 600/800
  • Triple O-ring Seal
  • TWIST model { 656 ft | 200 m } Depth Rating
  • BUTTON model { 328 ft | 100 m } Depth Rating
  • ON/OFF Twist Head Portion
  • Rechargeable batteries only
  • Use as Primary light, backup or helmet mount
  • Cool white 6500°K light
  • TWIST and BUTTON models have a tight 8° beam
  • VIDEO has no-hot-spot 120° beam
DGX 300
  • Double O-ring Seal
  • { 492 ft | 150 m } Depth Rating
  • ON/OFF Twist Head Portion
  • Uses Rechargeable OR Alkaline batteries
  • Use as backup or helmet mount
  • Cool white 6500°K light in an 18° beam
  • The DGX 300 Mini Light features a true out-the-front 300 system lumens (600+ raw LED lumens) with 30 minute burn time using a rechargeable 14500 battery. Using a quality AA size disposable alkaline battery you will get about double the burn time with half the lumens.
  • The DGX 600 Handheld Light features a true out-the-front 600 system lumens (1100+ raw LED lumens) with 60 minute burn time using a rechargeable 18650 battery.
  • The DGX 600 Button model is also available in a VIDEO version that features a diffused no-hot-spot 120° beam perfect for use with underwater video, but is otherwise identical to the tight 8° beam version.
  • The DGX 800 Handheld Light features a true out-the-front 800 system lumens (1100+ raw LED lumens) with 90 minute burn time using two rechargeable 18650 batteries.
  • The DGX 800 has a longer body incorporating two batteries means the increased power of the DGX 800 is 30% brighter with 50% longer burn time.

The DGX 600 is available in your choice of BUTTON or TWIST style activation. The choice between twist-on or button-on styles is mostly a matter of personal preference, although the TWIST version has a ultra deep depth rating. If you are mounting the light, we recommend the BUTTON style. If the light is being carried as a handheld backup to a primary, we recommend the TWIST on style.

Various LED dive light suppliers use different methods of determining light output, plus expressing them in different forms of measurement. What matters is the visible light from the LED that bounces off the reflector and passes through the lens. The quality of the reflector and lens, as well as the actual amount of power delivered by the battery have a major affect on the amount of light that reaches the target. Dive lights would be better described by the system lumens (sometimes called out-the-front or OTF lumens), which is the amount of visible light emitted by the entire system of battery, bulb, reflector and lens. Describing any LED dive light in terms of the radiant lumens specification of the entire light output for a raw LED module (including IR and UV wavelengths we can't see) at maximum power under laboratory conditions can be very misleading. Unfortunately we have to mention the radiant lumens value because most other dive light suppliers use only the bigger number to inflate their descriptions.

The DGX800 light has a driver working voltage from 3.0V to 13.0V, and thus is suitable for use with its two battery body. Our DGX600 series light heads have a working voltage on the LED driver of 3.0V to 4.2V, suitable for their one battery body. Although they look similar and will fit together mechanically, the DGX600 light head must NOT swapped on to a two battery body. If you mount a DGX600 light head on a two battery body, the electronics in the DGX600 head may burn out and then light will no longer come on.