AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation

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The AP Diving Self-Sealing Surface Marking Tube is {4.6 ft | 1.4 m} tall and easily inflated using the integrated mini-cylinder, plus the DGX package includes the Easifil adapter.

AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation

AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation
AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation AP Diving Surface Marking Tube w/Cylinder Inflation

The AP Diving Self-Sealing Surface Marking Tube with Cylinder Inflation (SMBCi) is an essential piece of safety equipment for divers of all levels. This {4.6 ft | 1.4 m} Surface Marking Tube easily inflated using the integrated mini-cylinder. A message slate, ID marker or reflector can be tied to the top eyelet. A built-in baffle prevents spillage and the buoy remains inflated making it easy for the surface crew to track the diver or for the diver to hold aloft and wave if separated from the boat. One key advantage over similar systems is that the SMBCi can still be inflated via the open self-sealing bottom with a second stage in the event that you have forgotten to fill the mini-cylinder. The SMBCi is manufactured from heavy-duty polyurethane-coated nylon and all seams are sonic welded for durability.

The AP Diving SMBi Package From Dive Gear Express Supports Three Inflation Methods:

  • Inflation Cylinder: This package includes an aluminum inflation mini-cylinder, allowing you to easily fill the SMB with gas while underwater. The mini-cylinder is easily re-charged by transferring from any SCUBA cylinder. This inflation method is especially popular with rebreather divers.
  • Easifil Adapter: Reconfigure the SMBi for power inflation using a quick disconnect BC or dry-suit inflator hose. Just unscrew the inflation mini-cylinder and screw in the Easifil adapter. This inflation method is useful for divers who configure an additional QD hose on their stage or travel bottles.
  • Hybrid Self-Sealing: The SMBi can always be filled from the open bottom by holding a second stage regulator or BC oral/power inflator inside the opening, and operate the device to release gas out the mouthpiece into the tube. The tube incorporates an funnel-shaped internal restriction (aka "duck-bill") that limits gas from escaping once it enters. The entire power inflation post is removable and we include a "blanking plug" should wish to disable the power inflation option entirely.

The SMBCi is available in your choice of three different color options: safety orange, yellow, and a dual color version with safety orange on one side and yellow on the other side.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

‡ Mini-Cylinder and Valve Not Approved for Use in North America

The mini-cylinder and valve included with the AP Diving SMBCi are NOT a US DoT approved cylinder and valve, although they are marked appropriately for use in the UK and EU. The Dive Gear Express SMBCi cylinder inflation package always also includes the Easifil Adapter (as well as the power inflation blanking plug) for SMBCi use in North America.

The aluminum AP6W mini-cylinder has a 0.1 liter water volume with a working pressure of 232 bar; that would be the equivalent of about 0.8 cubic foot at 3442 psi. The metric threads are M14 x 1.5 [14mm width x 1.5mm pitch] on the cylinder and valve. In North America, the very small cylinder size would not require periodic hydrostatic testing (aka "2x2 Rule"). However, the unique AP8DM14 transfer fill valve lacks an over pressure relief device (PRD aka "burst disk"), a legal requirement for pressure vessels in North America.

Because there is no official DoT protocol for inspecting and testing this cylinder, US or Canadian dive shops may not be willing to service the cylinder and valve. Filling the cylinder yourself is not an issue, because the cylinder is charged from any ordinary SCUBA tank with a 200 Bar DIN valve or from a K-valve using a DIN-to-Yoke adapter. Regardless, for your safety and the safety of others, the cylinder must periodically receive an internal inspection; especially because it's possible to inadvertently submerge an empty cylinder with the valve open. If you are unable to arrange periodic service yourself, you may return the cylinder and valve to Dive Gear Express for service.