AII-11-75D Oxygen Sensor (TruMix 4001)

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Use this AII-11-75D Oxygen Sensor to replace the oxygen sensor in your TruMix 4001

AII-11-75D Oxygen Sensor (TruMix 4001)

AII-11-75D Oxygen Sensor
AII-11-75D Oxygen Sensor View of Circuit Board
  • Replacement oxygen sensor for the Trumix 4001
  • Individually tested and qualified
  • Individually sealed for long life before use

AII-11-75D Oxygen Sensor (TruMix 4001) is an OEM replacement for the oxygen sensor in the Analytic Industries TruMix 4001 Trimix analyzer. Expected life of this sensor is 36 to 60 months depending on usage and handling of the analyzer, but can be as little as 12 months in near continuous shop use.

We are occasionally asked about availability of the environmental and helium sensors for the Trumix analyzer. They are available by special order, but AII tells us that the environmental and helium sensors are not consumable, and expected to last the life of the analyzer.

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Brand Analytical Industries
Weight 0.250000
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Oxygen sensors are one of the very few items on our website that are NOT returnable, because we can't know with absolute certainty how they were handled once delivered. Additional shipping and handling of the return can also degrade performance. They are critical to safety in diving, and our customers have a reasonable expectation of receiving as factory fresh a product as possible from Dive Gear Express. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase.