Supply Pressure Gauge with QD Tee

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Use this gauge with our quick-disconnect system hose kits to continuously monitor the supply side gas pressure.

Supply Pressure Gauge with QD Tee

Supply Pressure Gauge with Quick-Disconnect Tee
Supply Pressure Gauge with Quick-Disconnect Tee

Our quick disconnect hose kits include a pressure gauge on the output side downstream of the line valve. It is easy to take an initial reading of the supply pressure using the output side gauge prior to equalizing or boosting by first opening both the supply cylinder and line valves while the target cylinder valve remains closed.

However, when boosting then the declining supply pressure becomes unknown. When the boost becomes inefficient it may be an indication the supply pressure is too low relative to the output pressure. If you want to check the supply pressure just stop the booster, close the target cylinder valve and equalize the line with the supply using the twist bleed. However for operators who wish to continuously monitor the supply side gas pressure during the boost, add this supply pressure gauge between the supply cylinder valve adapter and the hose quick-disconnects.

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Best practice when boosting oxygen is to keep a low ratio between the source/target pressures and reduce the cycle speed as the ratio increases because rapid compression of oxygen also increases the risk of adiabatic combustion. It may be tempting to pull the maximum amount of gas out of the supply cylinder, but boosting low pressures can very quickly reach high boost ratios. For example, boosting from a {500 psi | 35 bar} source to a target of {2640 psi | 180 bar} is a relatively low boost ratio of about 5:1. However, a source of {300 psi | 20 bar} almost doubles the ratio to about 9:1 and an only slightly lower source of {150 psi | 10 Bar} doubles again to an 18:1 ratio.