DGX Custom - Shearwater Peregrine Console

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Design your own modular instrument console boot supplied by Shearwater that incorporates a standard Shearwater Peregrine dive computer, and your choice of analog SPG, choice of analog compass and a choice of one HP hose.

DGX Custom - Shearwater Peregrine Console

Console Only
Console Only Console with Optional Choice of SPG Console with Optional Computer and Choice of SPG Console with Optional Compass and Choice of SPG Rear View of Console with Compass Boot Console with Optional Compass, Computer and Choice of SPG Included Charger Clip and USB Cable
  • Optional compass module and quick disconnect
  • Choice of PSI, BAR or DUAL gauge
  • Choice of rubber or braided flex HP hose material and length
  • Choice of northern or southern hemisphere compass zone

A modular instrument console boot supplied by Shearwater that incorporates a standard Shearwater Peregrine dive computer, analog SPG, and optional analog compass in one HP hose mounted component. The configuration options allow the diver to customize an instrument console to their personal preferences. An included charging pad retaining clip allows the computer battery to be recharged while remaining mounted in the console. It's also possible to easily switch the Peregrine computer between console mount and wrist mount as needed.

The DGX Gears Premium SPG included with the console is {2 in | 5 cm} diameter with {1.75 in | 4.5 cm} face and features a chrome-plated all brass housing with a tempered mineral glass face and beryllium copper coiled Bourdon tube mechanism incorporating rack and pinion movement (aka 'pinned') providing the greatest degree of accuracy and reliability. The luminescent dial glows-in-the-dark, making it easier to read in low light situations. The hose swivel air spool is always included with our SPG. The DGX Gears Premium SPG is available in choice of imperial (PSI) or metric (BAR) scale with either a white or black face. We also offer a unique dual scale SPG in both PSI and BAR. (The Peregrine dive computer itself is user configurable for depth display in either feet or meters.)

The DGX Gears High-Pressure Hose is included and you may choose the material and length. The hose on consoles is typically {30 in | 76 cm} long. A few divers with a large chest, or who like to hold their instruments a little further out from their body when reading, may prefer a longer hose. An optional high-pressure quick disconnect is available to allow convenient transport and storage of the console separate from rest of the regulator octopus assembly.

The optional compass boot includes our DGX Gears Tech Compass module with a smooth movement that is provided by the specially designed compass needle card and powerful magnets. The compass features a tilt potential of +/- 10° with an easy-to-read luminescent gauge face, a 360° ratcheted rotating bezel, and a side reading window. Available in versions balanced for either the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere.

The Peregrine dive computer itself is also optional, in the event you wish to mount your existing Peregrine in the console.

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Customer Reviews

The 411 on Dive Instrument Consoles vs Wrist Mounts

Mounting an Instrument console on the end of the high-pressure hose is popular with sport divers because it puts all the information in one place along with freeing their forearms of additional equipment. Consoles are also frequently seen in classic octopus regulator configurations used for rental and training, making the job of the store equipment manager or instructor a little easier. Divers must always take care not to allow their console to "dangle" loose, creating an entanglement hazard plus not being environmentally friendly.

Instrument consoles are rarely seen in modern streamlined configurations used by experienced sport divers and never seen in technical diving configurations. Experienced divers are more concerned about depth, time and deco because often those are the limiting factors controlling their dive. They prefer to wrist mount their dive computer allowing easy access that promotes more frequent viewing of depth, time and decompression status. The diver typically stores their naked SPG out of the way on a shorter HP hose clipped to their waist D-ring in order to avoid dangling yet making the SPG easy to recover and read. Further, the compass usage techniques required for precise underwater navigation are easier with a wrist mount compass.