Second Stage In-Line Adjusting Tool w/IP Gauge

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The 2nd Stage In-Line Adjusting Tool is used for fine tuning regulator 2nd stages which have an adjustable air inlet orifice. The tool also has a built-in pressure gauge which allows the intermediate pressure (IP) of the 1st stage to be checked.

Second Stage In-Line Adjusting Tool w/IP Gauge

Tool Assembled
Tool Assembled Configure for Either 5mm Hex Key or Flat Blade Slotted Adjusting Tip Reversible Adjusting Tool and Pressure Gauge Flat Blade Slotted Adjusting Tip 5mm Hex Key Adjusting Tip How to Reverse 2nd Stage In-Line Adjusting Tool
  • Fine-tune 2nd stages that have an adjustable air inlet orifice
  • Connects between the 2nd stage and the LP hose
  • Included gauge so IP may also be checked
  • Works with most brands - has both hex and flat end tips

This specialized tool connects in line between the second stage regulator and the LP hose, allowing adjustments to the "cracking pressure" of your second stage. Using the included pressure gauge the intermediate pressure (IP) of the first stage may also be checked. Then a flat blade or hex key (you must have configured the tool for one or the other before pressurizing) can be inserted in the 2nd stage to allow the orifice to be turned to find exactly the proper adjustment for the second stage air inlet (A.K.A. cracking pressure). This dual tool has an 0.032 inch flat blade, screwdriver-like adjusting tip, which fits most slotted regulator orifices and also a 5mm hex key adjusting tip (just reverse the tool - watch the video above). We use this tool in our own service department and our service tech tells us the quality is excellent but notes that while this tool works with most adjustable second stages, and nearly all modern designs including all the regulators we sell, it does not work with every brand of second stage.

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