Rolock 3 - Ring System Kit

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Rolock 3 Ring System Kit
View the PRODUCT VIDEO for installation instructions.

Rolock 3 - Ring System Kit

Rolock 3 Ring System Kit
Rolock 3 Ring System Kit 3 Rings Rolock - Dry gloves on latex wrist seals Rolock - Setting up the glove Rolock - Adjusting the glove length
  • Attach drygloves to your existing wrist seals
  • No Glue required - compatible with all brand seals
  • Fast and easy to install - no tools required
  • Rolock offers 20 years of proven reliability

The Rolock 3 Ring System Kit includes a complete ring system for attaching drygloves to your existing wrist seals. No glue or replacement of seals is required with this simple to use and very effective system. Simply place your existing seals between the ring system, use a small amount of silicone lubricant, and you are ready to dive in a few minutes. Compatible with a plethora of drygloves on the market today. Rolock offers 20 years of proven reliability and are well know in Europe, especially in Switzerland and Germany. We suggest using the Rolock Wrist Seal Protector kit to avoid tears and rips in your gloves while using the ring system. View the PRODUCT VIDEO for instructions on how to install.

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    Roll, Lock and you're Docked



    As a dive professional, I've gotten to play with a lot of different dry glove systems over the years, and, up until recently, I've only liked the rubber rings that you stretch your gloves over. But after watching the Rolock 3 videos, seeing how the system works and reading several tech blog reviews, I became curious enough to pick up a set.

    First off, as with most dry glove systems, installation of the glove rings is not quite as easy as the video shows you (that guy must have really strong hands), and my installation was a little more challenging because I use all rubber gloves, instead of the flocked-lined smurf gloves. However, I gotta say, the install really wasn't that bad. As for installing the wrist seal rings, I had no issues mating them to my DUI heavy duty latex wrist seals (thank you DGX for selling those). BTW, the Rolock 3 installation videos are very helpful!

    The one thing that really impressed me, and most of my dive buddies, is how easy the system is to use. Once you get the glove length adjusted correctly and the mounting technique down (it's pretty easy), the gloves are almost a pleasure to get on, and they literally come off with just a broad twist of the wrist (just like in their instructional video). So, now you're probably wondering if they'll come off in the water during your dive, right? Well, that was a big concern of mine, until I scraped out several hundred pounds of clay silt out of an large water intake box. While one of the rings did twist a little, the system did not leak and neither one of them came off. Later that day, I discovered that I hadn't lined up the wrist mount properly, which contributed to the seal twisting while I was working.

    The part that creates the water tight seal between the two rings is an o-ring that is inset into the ring that's mounted to your drysuit's wrist seal. This o-ring is fairly exposed, which is great for inspecting it, but if you're walking around the shore/deck with your drysuit on, without the gloves attached, you'll want to make sure you don't get any sand or debris in or around that o-ring. However, if you do, it is pretty easy to pop the o-ring out and clean it off.

    Rolock does offer replacement o-rings, if your's wears out or gets damaged.

    If you're a cold water diver (38-50ยบ F), like me, you might consider upgrading the liners that come with the Rolock 3 system. The liners that come with it are fine, but may not keep your hands warm during long or slow moving dives.

    I really like the Rolock 3 Ring System and look forward to putting 100's of dives on it.
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