Poseidon DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter

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Use the Poseidon DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter to connect your DIN style first stage regulator to any yoke style K-Valve.

Poseidon DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter

Poseidon DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter
Poseidon DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter
  • Genuine Poseidon branded DIN-to-Yoke Adapter
  • Connect any 200 Bar or 300 Bar DIN first stage to a yoke-type cylinder K-valve
  • Just spin-on to first stage DIN fitting, no tools required
  • Chromed brass construction with satin finish
  • Removable rubber dust cover included

Use the Poseidon DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter to connect your DIN style first stage regulator to any yoke style K-Valve. This Poseidon brand DIN-to-yoke spin-on adapter is marine grade chrome plated brass construction suitable for use with any yoke (aka A-Clamp) type CGA-850 standard K-valve and steel or aluminum SCUBA cylinder up to {3442 psi | 232 bar} service pressure.

Although this OEM adapter includes a dust cap we recommend you remove it, see our TekTip below.

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Good quality adapter
Oct 24, 2018
I have a few DIN-to-Yoke adapters from various manufacturers, sadly none of them work with my Poseidon regs. I can't see why - they work on everything else (I have Scubapro and Apeks, variosu models). Anyway, I thought I'd give Poseidon's own adapter a try so I can still use my beloved XStream regs with all the luddites in the Keys and the Bahamas diving A-clamp without inserts. Lo and behold it works! It's actually a very nicely made thing, and noticeably seems more 'precision' engineered than my others. It also says Poseidon on it, which always makes my heart sing, my bank manager cry, and other people shake their heads. As usual the service from DGX was as perfect as it gets.
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Dust caps with DIN-to-Yoke adapters are not best practice

You should use a yoke dust cap with native yoke fitting first stages, but you do not need to use a dust cap with DIN-to-Yoke spin-on adapters. Although some adapters include them, you should NOT permanently leave a DIN-to-Yoke adapter in place and cap the adapter. Leaving the adapter permanently on the DIN fitting can eventually cause the DIN fitting to 'lock-in' to the yoke adapter, making it impossible to remove without damaging something.

Best practice for use of all DIN-to-Yoke adapters is to first mount and tighten the adapter to the tank K-valve, then attach the DIN regulator to the adapter. After your dive, first remove the DIN regulator from the adapter, place a dust cap the DIN fitting and then remove the adapter from the tank K-valve. Thus, by following best practice there is no need for yoke dust cap and our generic DIN-to-Yoke adapters don't include a cap. If you are new to DIN fittings on regulators, you might read our Uncoupling DIN Fittings from SCUBA Valves TekTip.

Regardless of Yoke or DIN, do not leave the dust cap attached to the fitting during the dive. Although convenient, unfortunately either the diver fails to dry it off when replacing thus trapping moisture in the regulator inlet, or worse, novices will dry the cap with a blast of compressed gas from the tank valve. The problem with that (as our service techs often complain) is the blast of gas will often blow moisture from the valve face or the attached cap right in to the first stage inlet. When the dust cap is not in use, store it in a dry place.