Mares XR Lift Bag { 80 lb | 36 kg }

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The Mares XR lift bag offers a teardrop shape and closed bottom design with {80 lb | 36 kg} lift capacity.

†  This bag is incorrectly described in various Mares documents as being 30 kilogram lift capacity. Mares made a math error when converting between kilograms and pounds. The correct lift capacity of this bag is { 80 lbs | 36 kg }.

Mares XR Lift Bag { 80 lb | 36 kg }

Approximate Dimensions
Approximate Dimensions OPV at the Top Inflation Tube and OPV Dump
  • Fully closed design with {80 lb | 36 kg} lift capacity †
  • RF welded and double stitched
  • Non-locking LP power inflation connector or oral inflation
  • Stainless steel D-rings at both top and bottom

The Mares XR lift bag is a teardrop shape and closed bottom design with {80 lb | 36 kg} lift capacity. † The bag is RF welded and double stitched, with stainless steel D-rings at both top and bottom along with a bungee loop to help make for compact storage. The bag can be inflated via a metal non-locking low-pressure inflation connector that incorporates a one-way valve and also can be orally inflated. The closed design eliminates the chance that gas will escape from the bag once it reaches the surface and is suitable for genuine salvage applications. The over-pressure relief valve (OPV) includes a long pull cord that can be used to manually dump gas from below the bag if the diver wishes to ascend with the bag. In addition to signaling applications, the closed design also allows the bag to be used for emergency flotation.

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Brand Mares Extended Range
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

This device includes a non-locking hose quick-connect that supports easy and rapid power-inflation at the surface using the standard quick-disconnect low-pressure BC inflator hose. However, there are some safety concerns using that mode for deployment while at depth. Disconnecting the inflator hose from your BC at depth could compromise your buoyancy control in an emergency. Although the inflation connector on the device is non-locking, there is a possibility connectors could jam and fail to easily separate if the connectors are not clean and well maintained. As with any such bag, it is also possible to create enough lift such that it could begin to drag you to the surface if there is any delay in release and the rapid power-inflation feature can reduce the time available before release.

For deployment at depth we suggest using an alternate low-pressure quick-disconnect inflator hose mounted on a stage or bailout bottle, rather than the primary BC inflator hose, for power inflation of this device. If this is your first experience with power-inflation SMB or lift-bag deployment at depth, first practice this type of deployment under controlled conditions.