Mares XR Cave Line Arrows 5 Pack

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Mares XR brand line arrows with choice of three colors in a package of five arrows, are made from injection molded ABS plastic with holes for rings or other identifiers and approximately (3.3 in | 8.4 cm} long by {2.0 in | 5.1 cm} wide at base

Mares XR Cave Line Arrows 5 Pack

Line Arrow Color Options
Line Arrow Color Options Dimensions are Approximate Size Comparison
  • Approximately (3.3 in | 8.4 cm} long by {2.0 in | 5.1 cm} wide at base.
  • Approximately {0.10 in | 2.5 mm} thick
  • Available in White, Chartreuse (Yellow-Green) and Orange
Mares XR brand line arrows are isosceles triangle shaped directional markers providing both a tactile and visual reference to indicate the path to the closest exit.
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Brand Mares Extended Range
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Orange, Yellow, or White, which is better?

Chartreuse Firetruck

The choice of blaze orange, chartreuse (yellow-green) or pure white has been studied by human factors experts for other applications such as transportation signage and high-visibility clothing. While we are not aware of any studies for diving applications, those other studies and our own experience provide good guidance for our recommendations.

Choose orange for maximum visibility in well lighted conditions, choose pure white for absolute maximum contrast in very low-light conditions. In our opinion, your best compromise choice for all conditions is the chartreuse yellow-green color.