G-Dive Hood, Straight Neck

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High flexibility and long lifespan are two features G-Dive has added to the traditional drysuit Latex Hood.

G-Dive Hood, Straight Neck

Medium G-Dive Straight Neck Hood
Medium G-Dive Straight Neck Hood G-Dive Hood, Straight Neck

The standard straight neck hood is the generic design found on most drysuits. With a heavy duty (HD) latex thickness : 1.1mm to 1.4mm.

G-Dive add their specially formulated compound to obtain a combination of high flexibility and a long lifespan. The coating G-Dive adds to the Latex Seals protects the proteins inside the latex from UV and ozone which normally wears the latex down.

G-Dive's main production method is warm dipping of Latex products, which is a very unique production method and gives the products a clear advantage compared with traditional latex production. With this method they can manage and control the thickness very precisely and get consistent products.

Hoods Size Chart

Item # Size Quality Type
GD-H1-M Medium Heavy Duty Straight Neck
GD-H1-L Large Heavy Duty Straight Neck
GD-H2 One Size Heavy Duty Flanged Hood
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Brand G-Dive
Weight 0.400000

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