FLEX Regulator Hoses in EXTRA LONG Lengths

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These EXTRA LONG regulator hoses are a continuous length of FLEX hose with standard SCUBA fittings and kink resistance.

FLEX Regulator Hoses in EXTRA LONG Lengths

Hose Length Options are { 25 ft in | 7.6 m }, { 50 ft | 15.2 m } and { 100 ft | 30.5 m }
Hose Length Options are { 25 ft in | 7.6 m }, { 50 ft | 15.2 m } and { 100 ft | 30.5 m }
  • Double-braiding resists snags and abrasions
  • Kink resistant polyester with chromed brass fittings
  • More flexible - 1/3 lighter - UV resistant
  • 3/8-inch male to 1st stage - 9/16-inch female to 2nd stage
  • All hoses are Nitrox Ready

Dive Gear Express regulator braided flex hoses are constructed with an inner lining of High Syntactic Polyvinyl Chloride. HS-PVC is a member of the TPE family of plastics. The inner lining is reinforced with an inner sheath of braided fiber and an outer jacket of braided filament. External double-braiding better resists the snags and abrasions encountered in diving. Double braided hoses are much more flexible, a third lighter, UV & kink resistant and enormously stronger. All these hoses are Nitrox Ready.

The typical low pressure regulator hose is a 3/8-inch male at the end that screws into the first stage LP port, and at the other end you'll find a 9/16-inch female that screws onto the second stage regulator body.

These EXTRA LONG hose length options are { 25 ft in | 7.6 m }, { 50 ft | 15.2 m }, and { 100 ft | 30.5 m }.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

Recreational diving surface supply applications (aka "hookah diving") may require special regulators and/or adjustments to regulator inter-stage pressures. Very long hoses may cause increased flow resistance and decreased gas volume delivery that can become significant depending on depth and work load. These issues may degrade the breathing performance of sport diving scuba regulators in more demanding hookah applications. There are also specialized safety considerations for surface supply diving.

Keep in mind that all SCUBA hoses will fail sooner or later either due to age, storage conditions or handling. Scuba hoses, regardless of brand and materials, require some minimal care. Do not allow hoses to receive prolonged exposure sunlight, as the heat and UV from strong sunlight will significantly shorten the life of the hose. Do not attempt to flush the inside of the hose with any form of solvent or other chemical, new hoses are factory clean and if you have any reason to think they are no longer clean then the hose should be replaced. Prior to every dive trip you should always pressurize and inspect your hoses for mechanical damage, corroded fittings, bulges and leaks. Dive Gear Express suggests replacing all SCUBA hoses every five years or 500 dives, whichever comes first.