DUI Silicone G1 Neck ZipSeals™ (Replacement Part)

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DUI Silicone G1 Neck ZipSeals™

Due to the unique nature of the product, this ZipSeal™ is NON-RETURNABLE if trimmed. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase.

DUI Silicone G1 Neck ZipSeals™ (Replacement Part)

DUI Silicone Neck ZipSeals™
DUI Silicone Neck ZipSeals™ DUI Silicone G1 Neck ZipSeals™ (Replacement Part)
  • Silicone is UV and ozone resistant so they will last longer in most conditions
  • Softer and more comfortable to wear
  • Excellent for people with latex allergies
  • Easy to put on and take off due to excellent stretch and coating applied to the inside of the seal

DUI offers a unique system that makes changing out wrist and neck seals a simple process. DUI Silicone G1 Neck ZipSeals™ will forever change the way you dive. Never miss a dive due to a torn neck or wrist seal. Even if you're already on the boat, just zip on a new seal and you're ready for your next adventure. You can also switch from ZipSeals to ZipGloves in a matter of minutes. ZipSeals were developed and rigorously tested to provide divers' greater convenience and comfort - exclusively from DUI.

Silicone neck seals are made from hypoallergenic silicone that have much better elasticity and are more comfortable when compared to traditional latex seals. Silicone seals are also non-allergenic and offer an option for divers with a latex allergy. The seals are durable and more resistant to damage from UV light, ozone or chemicals. The added elasticity makes donning a drysuit much easier and it seals against your skin better than latex without being "too tight." As less pressure is required to make the seal, this allows for greater blood flow so your body will stay warmer.

The DUI Silicone Neck ZipSeal can be worn with all DUI drysuits fitted with a G1 neck ZipRing.

DUI G1 ZipSeals are also available in Latex or Silicone

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