Divesoft QRF Quick-Release Buckle

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The Divesoft Quick Release Buckle (QRF) is designed to join standard { 2 in | 5.1 cm } nylon webbing together; providing reliable durability and corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Divesoft QRF Quick-Release Buckle

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Buckle Options Part Options Press Both Buckle Levers to Release Using Adjustable Part, Pull Strap to Tighten Divesoft | QRF Buckle Systems
  • Joins two { 2 in | 5.1 cm } nylon straps together
  • Quick release yet durable and rugged
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Buckle levers operate easily even with dry gloves on

The Divesoft Quick Release Buckle (QRF) is designed to join standard { 2 in | 5.1 cm } nylon webbing together. It serves as a reliable quick release buckle that provides excellent durability and corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Once threaded through the slots on each portion of the buckle, the nylon straps may be easily mated by simply pressing the two sides together or un-clipped by depressing both sides of the buckle levers at the same time. This feature helps to prevent accidental unbuckling when in use. The placement of the levers on the sides of the buckle reduces the probability of them being accidentally lifted by another part of your gear. All edges of the buckles and parts are all rounded and polished to avoid any damage to the nylon straps. All buckle component parts are made from stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

The active part of the buckle (the one with the levers) is attached to the strap by threading through and sewing (or with a belt slide if secure enough for your intended use). The levers are designed so that they can be easily manipulated even with heavy drygloves.

The passive part is attached by threading through, to make any adjustments or changes in the length of the strap possible. Two passive threading parts are available: a three (3) slot design and an adjustable design. The three slot design works similar to a standard scuba waist buckle and allows for a secure connection. The adjustable design enables the tightening of the attached strap by simply pulling on the loose end.

NOTE: The QRF buckle is not to be used for climbing, skydiving or in any other way where its use could pose a risk to one’s life. The QRF buckle was designed for attaching straps of diving harnesses and its construction is not appropriate for climbing or skydiving applications.

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"OMG" Is your QR insurance paid up?

Over the years, we've heard expressions of concern regarding the safety of harness quick release (QR) buckles yet some training agency standards require a QR in the shoulder loop of the harness and for good reason. Many harnesses such as the Dive Rite TransPlate, OMS Comfort III, and Mares XR-Rec already incorporate shoulder quick release by design. However, also over the years we've seen plenty people struggle to don and doff their continuous loop harness because: (1) they are unable perform the required "chicken wing" maneuver due to limited mobility in a shoulder, or (2) they are wearing a heavy dry suit and undergarment, or (3) they simply have a preference for exceptionally snug harness fit.

In these circumstances, it's not just annoying but the absence of a quick release buckle may actually delete safety should there be a need to quickly remove the harness. We've never seen a life threatening accident caused by the failure of a QR shoulder buckle and for that matter we never even seen the in-water failure of a QR buckle at all, but we've seen circumstances where a QR buckle made a significant improvement in assisting the diver. If you would like to add a QR but are concerned about their safety, we invite you to try the following test: In controlled conditions while swimming simply reach up and unsnap it, then continue swimming while trying some in-water maneuvers to see what happens. You'll discover that the unsnapped buckle is annoying, but it's easily manageable.