The Divesoft BOV (bailout valve) is a premium quality compact bailout valve that can mate with most of the available CCR units on the market today. The BOV includes an integrated automatic diluent valve (ADV), which automatically adds diluent into the circuit if the counterlungs are depleted of gas. The ADV function can be easily switched on and off as needed. With a CE EN250:2014 qualification, the Divesoft BOV represents a complete alternative breathing solution for your rebreather.

Based on the Apeks XTX second stage and diaphragm, using the Dräger mushroom valves, the standard configuration is LP gas supply fitting on diver's left and breathing adjustment knob on diver's right, with breathing loop flow direction from diver's left to diver's right. Alternate LP gas supply side and breathing loop flow direction are available upon request. Includes the Divex Sweden 'Model:Lars' mouthpiece and will accept most standard mouthpieces. Mounting options for the Shearwater LED and NERD2 heads up displays are also available.

Select the nipple fittings for you brand of rebreather from the drop down menu to build the product you need:

The Divesoft BOV is compatible with:

  • AP Inspiration
  • Dive Rite O2ptima
  • JJ-CCR
  • ISC Megalodon
  • Hollis Prism2
  • rEvo

Note: the Dive Rite O2ptima and the JJ-CCR use the same size fittings

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SKU DS-8109P
Weight (lbs) 2.0000
Brand Divesoft
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