Dive Rite Classic Retro Wing

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Offered with a lift capacity of either 40 lbs or 55 lbs, the Classic Retro Wing is ideal for divers who use use mid to heavy weight aluminum or steel cylinders with 7.5 or 8-inch diameters. This is the newest Dive Rite doubles wing.

† Colored wings are available within 4 -7 days, based upon availability from the manufacturer.

Dive Rite Classic Retro Wing

Dive Rite Classic Wing Color Options
Dive Rite Classic Wing Color Options All Black - Front View Back View Red Trim Blue Trim

The Dive Rite Classic Wing has stood the test of time as the first aircell designed specifically for use with double cylinders. With { 55 lb | 25 kg } of lift, the Classic Wing was designed to carry double steel { 104 ft3 | 17 L } with multiple stage bottles and other accessories. The smaller size {40 lb | 18.1 kg} would be appropriate for use with lighter Aluminum cylinders. Using a horseshoe design, divers can target lift where it’s needed to balance out their rig and stay in trim.

Compared to the original “Doubles Wing” released in 1985, today’s Classic version has an enhanced construction using a premium 1000 denier ballistic nylon outer bag and a heavy duty 210 nylon laminated inner bladder. The solid center panel features two sets of 316 stainless steel grommets for mounting so a diver can tweak the wing position to adjust trim. A piece of 2-inch nylon webbing runs down the center of the Classic wing to reinforce the grommets. The Classic Retro wing is available in all black, black with red trim, and black with blue trim.

The top outlet is centered so it’s nestled between the cylinders under the isolation valve and clear of hose routing. The standard inflation assembly is a { 12 in | 30.5 cm } corrugated hose with a { 15 in | 38.1 cm } low pressure BC inflator hose and your choice of pull-to-dump remote exhaust elbow or a plain elbow. Also available with a { 16 in | 40.6 cm } corrugated hose, and plain or remote exhaust elbow. The pull dump over pressure valve is in the traditional lower left corner of the wing. Welded urethane bladder flanges allow easy, tool free removal and replacement of corrugated hoses and over pressurization valves. Appealing to a minimalist diving philosophy, the Classic Retro wing is free of any bungee, tabs, or excess clutter.

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Dive Rite Air Cells Overview

Dive Rite's wings utilize either a 360 degree, donut-style bladder design that provides an even volume of inflation on top, sides and bottom, which improves buoyancy control and promotes a more efficient, horizontal trim, or the Retro style horseshoe design, allowing divers to target lift where it’s needed to balance out their rig and stay in trim. The heavy-duty 210 denier nylon laminated inner bladder is pinch and puncture resistant, chemical resistant and resists the growth of microorganisms. Each airtight inner bladder is surrounded by an outer fabric shell (available in two different versions) and an oral/power inflation assembly. The outer fabric shell protects the wing from tears and abrasion.

Air Cell EXP & XT Versions
Dual Version
Use with
Use with
Travel Wing YES (Both) 25 lb NO YES NO NO
    11.3 kg        
Voyager Wing YES (Both) 35 lb NO YES NO YES
    15.9 kg        
Rec Wing YES (Both) 45 lb YES YES YES YES
    20.4 kg        
Classic Wing XT Only 60 lb YES NO YES YES
    27.2 kg        
Classic Retro Wing EXP Only 40 lb NO NO YES NO
    18.1 kg        
Classic Retro Wing EXP Only 55 lb NO NO YES NO
    24.9 kg        
CCR Wing XT Only 40 lb YES NO YES YES
    18.1 kg        
Nomad Wing XT Only 50 lb YES     YES
    27.0 kg        

EXP versions - The EXP series wings have an outer fabric shell made of tough 1680 denier ballistic nylon. The EXP wings are available in black with gray side panels. EXP series wings feature a one year warranty.

XT versions - The XT series outer fabric shell, built upon the legendary toughness of SuperFabric® brand technology, is outstandingly rugged. SuperFabric is a technical fabric resistant to cuts and abrasion. Created with a base fabric and then overlaid with tiny guard plates, this proprietary armored surface, along with material science and strategic geometric patterns, transform ordinary fabric into SuperFabric brand materials. Spacings between the guard plates allow for flexibility and breathability, yet are small enough to keep sharp objects from penetrating. Dive Rite's XT Armored wings have the durability of SuperFabric outer side with a 1000 denier Cordura® inner side to create an armor-clad shell that is impervious to damaging pinches, cuts and abrasions. The Dive Rite XT wings feature a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Lift Capacity - A very common error when selecting a wing is to choose a size much too big, causing a "taco effect" that makes managing buoyancy considerably more difficult. The cylinder size, type and configuration, not lift capacity, is the best guide to selecting the correct wing.

For details read Suggestions for Selecting a Wing.

Inflation Assemblies - Configurations are available with a pull-to-dump remote exhaust elbow for sport diving applications that favor ease of use, or a plain elbow for technical diving applications that favor simplicity. Most divers prefer the { 16 in | 40.6 cm } corrugated hose with a { 22 in | 55.9 cm } low pressure BC inflator hose. But, some technical divers seeking ultra-streamlined configurations prefer the { 12 in | 30.5 cm } corrugated hose and { 15 in | 38.1 cm } low pressure BC inflator hose; especially on doubles.

Singles & Doubles Wings - While the Rec wing design can be adjusted for occasional use with singles, keep in mind they are not designed to be used primarily as singles wings and they are not optimal with singles. Realistically, there is no wing perfect for both singles and doubles, or even a wing perfect for all doubles. If the range of cylinder configurations which you dive is broad, then the best choice for efficient and comfortable diving may be to own more than one wing.

Dual versions - The dual bladder wings offer the same versatility and lift capacity of the single bladder wings, but also incorporate two bladders to provide back-up inflation. The dual option is ideal for technical divers who dive wet and do not have a drysuit as alternate buoyancy. Or, for any diver who want to ensure their backup buoyancy has the same lift capacity as their primary.

Gusset Control System - The GCS is used to streamline the shape of the Dive Rite wings to keep the excess of these larger wings from wrapping around the cylinders or "flapping." The GCS does not create a bungee wing because it does not restrict air flow; instead the GCS promotes added streamlining and buoyancy control, yet allows the wing to full inflate to its full capacity. The GCS can be disabled by moving two clips to release all tension on the cord, allowing the wings to fully inflate without any retraction effect from the GCS. For those who prefer not to use the Gusset Control System, the cord may be removed entirely. For details read Dive Rites' Gusset Control System (GCS).