Dive Rite Ceramic Line Cutter w/Sheath

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The Dive Rite Ceramic Line Cutter will easily cut through braided line, monofilament, or most other fishing line.

After diving, you must rinse the diving tool in fresh water, dry it, and not replace it until the pouch is dry as well.

Dive Rite Ceramic Line Cutter w/Sheath

DR Ceramic Line Cutter w/Sheath
DR Ceramic Line Cutter w/Sheath Velcro Attachment Strips Installed on 2-Inch Webbing 1-Inch and 2-Inch Mounting Options Dive Rite Line Cutter
  • Extremely effective line cutting tool w/ pouch
  • Heavy-duty fiber reinforced nylon body
  • Ceramic blade
  • Mounts horizontally OR vertically on 2-inch webbing

The Dive Rite Line Cutter is sharper than a standard dive knife and uses a ceramic blade that can easily cut thru braided line, monofilament, or any other line entanglement. Housed in a heavy-duty fiber reinforced nylon body, the blade is easily removed for cleaning and replacement. The line cutter fits securely into a { 4.5 in | 11.4 cm } x { 2.5 in | 6.4 cm } nylon pouch and uses a Velcro lanyard to prevent the line cutter from accidentally deploying. The pouch is equipped with 2 Velcro straps, allowing it to be mounted horizontally or vertically on webbing up to { 2.0 in | 5.1 cm } wide.

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Brand Dive Rite
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