Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light Kit

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The BX2 incorporates the latest LED technology into a strong and refined package. The CREE XP-L High Intensity LED and smooth reflector produce a tight 4 degree beam hot spot.
The QRM Handmount system and the Video Diffuser are optional accessories that are NOT included in the BX2 Handheld Light Kit.

Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light Kit

Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light
Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light Complete Kit Battery Placement Double O-Ring Seal On Handmount End View Size Comparison
  • 1000 lumen LED power in a tight 4 degree beam, twist on/off activation
  • Offering 100% brightness for 1 hour with total burn time of 3 hours
  • User replaceable 18650 battery, lanyard and USB charging cord included
  • Compatible with the optional QRM mounting system
  • Add optional Diffuser for video or photo use

Powerful, reliable, and simple—the BX2 is everything that a top notch diving light should be. The BX2 incorporates the latest LED technology into a strong and refined package. The CREE XP-L High Intensity LED and smooth reflector produce a tight 4 degree beam hot spot ideal for signaling or peering under a reef ledge, while still providing a wide halo of light with enough side spill to light up a room.

Dive Rite has also engineered this light with mounting holes in the body to make the BX2 fully compatible with Dive Rite’s QRM accessories(it has the exact same hole spacing as the Dive Rite canister light heads so it is uses the standard QRM striker and receiver portion). Add an optional QRM soft hand mount to turn the BX2 into a mini primary light, or add a QRM receiver to a helmet for easy one-handed operation. With the optional video diffuser, the BX2 can also be the perfect companion to your action camera.

The compact body incorporates a knurled grenade pattern for a secure grip even with gloved hands. Thickened body walls offer increased strength and durability. Twist-on/off activation, the hard coat anodized aluminum body uses double O-ring seal and is depth rated to {492 ft | 150 m}.

The included lanyard keeps the light close at hand, and a castled end cap design with recessed tie point allows the light to tail stand should you find yourself gearing up in the dark.

The light is powered by a single high capacity 3400mAH 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with built-in charger which is included along USB-A to USB-C charging cord, an external charger is no longer required. The battery is easy to change and replacement 18650 batteries are widely available. A direct drive system provides over an hour of peak brightness and then slowly tapers for an additional 2+ hours as the battery drains. Dimensions: 5.2 in. (13.23 cm) length x 1.65 in. (4.19 cm) width

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Brand Dive Rite
Weight 1.200000

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Verified Buyer
As mentioned in many reviews, ...
Aug 11, 2021
As mentioned in many reviews, the customer service provided by DGX is exceptional. As for the light, I dive in cold and murky water & the tight beam does cut through the murkiness very effectively. I own two of these lights for back-ups and have about 50 dives with them & no issues. Really nice! Battery life is as described and better in warmer water. The provided charger could be improved as described in Keith F's review, but it does the job.
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Verified Buyer
Bright and Strong
Apr 11, 2020
Great build quality and the light is nice and bright with a great center dot.
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Verified Buyer
Its a nice light
Jun 2, 2019
I dive cold water , dark at times and need a light every dive. I have used the (generic) and DGX 600 which I also love for the cost. This light is a brighter beam , it shows farther distance in green water and shows a brighter circle then the DGX 600. I feel like it's hard to tell whats what with so many good small lights out there. I wanted something a little brighter then what I had, and didn't want to get into the expensive lights. I'm about 15 dives in so far, very happy with it . I also like the push button DGX 600 which was new to me as well and is now my new back up light.
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Verified Buyer
Great Value and Solid Light
Nov 6, 2018
The BX2 is perfect for the type of tec diving I do with run times of 2hrs or less in cold open water. The light is compact and very bright. I bought a second one as a back up that I keep in my thigh pocket. The QRM mount is ingenious, allowing me to clip of the light to a D-ring when I need both hands free for getting in and out of the water or into my rebreather harness. The 18650 batteries are economical, making it easy to have several spares. I would have given the light 5 stars except for the battery charger, which is not a Dive Rite issue but more of an issue with the 18650 battery. The battery easily pops out of the charger due to the sliding spring loaded negative charger contact resulting in the battery flying through the air if you don't carefully remove it. The supplied charger which will charge 1 battery at a time and an aftermarket charger I bought that does 4 at time has the same issue. I wish the charger was of the more typical design the would only fit the 18650 battery and eliminate the sliding spring loaded terminal. Overall as a back up or primary dive light, the BX2 does a great job!
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Verified Buyer
Bright and beautiful.
Oct 1, 2018
Excellent light, bright, compact and solid.
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Verified Buyer
You ask me to write reviews, but you don't publish my reviews
May 7, 2018
Please don't ask me to invest time in writing reviews if you're not going to publish them. Note this is about the only thing I don't like about DGX! You guys are great.
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Response from Admin
Mar 31, 2021
Dive Gear Express does curate product reviews in order to make them useful for product selection. In order to reduce spam, we don't publish reviews that we can't match to a DGX order from the reviewer for the product being reviewed. We may not publish a raw rating without some explanation of the reason for the rating. We also don't normally publish "generic" reviews that are just reviews of DGX ("great seller", "shipped on time", etc) or a manufacturer rather than useful information about the specific product to which the review is attached. Nor do we publish review ratings that are based on unrelated issues such as transit delays.
Verified Buyer
BX 2 torch
Dec 29, 2017
Very pleased with the torch works well with the locking system and the soft hand mount , definitely use Dive gear express again very good service and quick dispatch thanks Paul
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Verified Buyer
Oct 5, 2017
Excellent light. Strong centre beam punches through the murk. Enough peripheral light for context
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