Dive Rite Azimuth Reels

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The flagship Dive Rite Azimuth Reels feature tight tolerances for the highest resistance to jamming that are made from POM (acetal) engineering thermoplastic using high precision CNC machining that provides a high-strength, corrosion-free frame and a one-piece trapezoidal handle with ergonomic grip. The angled lock-down screw design is easier to use and more streamlined than traditional solutions.

Line length specifications on reels are approximate and the diver should confirm actual length before relying on a precise distance measurement.

Dive Rite Azimuth Reels

Size and Line Color Options
Size and Line Color Options Side Views of 200' Reels with Orange and White Line Back View of 400' Reel with Orange Line Front and Back Views of 200' Reels with White Line
  • Single-piece machined POM (acetal) frame
  • Machined POM (acetal) spool with knurled center core and line lock holes
  • Marine-grade, passivated 316 stainless steel hardware with a double end bolt snap included
  • “Fuel gauge” slot on spool shows line remaining
  • Captured lockdown screw

The Dive Rite Azimuth Reel {200 foot | 60 meter} size is perfect for many diving applications, including: cave primary, cave safety, wreck diving, plus shooting lift bags and surface markers. The Dive Rite Azimuth Reel {400 foot | 120 meter} size is standard for use as a primary cave reel and is perfect for extended exploration of any underwater environment. Both sizes are available in white or orange color #24 gauge nylon line.

Every component on the Azimuth Reel is carefully crafted from polyoxymethylene (aka POM, aka acetal) engineering thermoplastic using high precision CNC machining or marine grade 316 stainless steel. The dimensions of the reel have been thoughtfully chosen for comfort and ease-of-use as well as being low profile when clipped off and stowed. A one-piece trapezoidal handle provides a high strength, corrosion-free frame and an ergonomic grip with or without gloves. The unique in-line clip slots on the handle orient the reel to sit closer to the body when clipped to a D-ring. This design also allows the included double bolt snap to swing out of the way and lay against the handle, negating the need to remove the clip for quick deployment.

By using an all-machined spool design rather than injection molded plastic, tight tolerances are able to be used at the spool-to-frame interface, making the Azimuth reel incredibly smooth to operate and highly resistant to jamming. If the spool does need to be removed, it is a simple procedure using only a 3/16-inch hex wrench to remove the axle. There are no small parts, washers, or clips to lose. A small “fuel gauge” slot on the front panel of the spool allows the diver to see how much line remains at a glance. The fully knurled inner spindle and line-lock holes on the spool side plate completely prevent any slipping of the line on the spool when reeling up.

The innovative angled lock-down screw design is more ergonomic and streamlined than traditional solutions. Additionally, it applies lateral force to the beveled inner edge of the spool side plate to hold it tightly against the frame, providing a very secure lockdown. Finally, a pressed-in pin through the reel frame captures the custom lockdown screw, eliminating the chance of backing it out too far and losing it on a dive.

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