Dive 1st Aid Oxygen Rescue Kit (Small Cylinder)

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This convenient and compact Oxygen Rescue Kit is a must have for technical divers and active recreational divers. Be prepared for any incident and make sure YOU have what you need in case of an emergency

The cylinder in this kit is shipped EMPTY.

Dive 1st Aid Oxygen Rescue Kit (Small Cylinder)

Small Cylinder and Storage Bag
Small Cylinder and Storage Bag Complete Kit in Storage Bag Oxygen Mask and Tubing, Gloves, Pulse Oximeter and Batteries CGA 870 Oxygen Regulator with Gauge CGA 870 Standard Oxygen Valve Pin-Indexed CGA870 Fitting
  • Ideal size kit for an active diver or a buddy team
  • Complete O2 kit in one easy-to-carry padded bag
  • M-7 size cylinder provides approx. 15 minutes of Oxygen @ 15 lpm
  • Includes toggle style O2 regulator, pulse oximeter, mask and tubing
  • Approximate dimensions of {12" x 4"} {30.5cm x 10.2cm}

This convenient and compact Oxygen Rescue Kit is a must have for technical divers and active recreational divers. Be prepared for any incident and make sure YOU have what you need in case of an emergency. Packaged in a rugged yet soft padded nylon bag this complete kit is always ready when needed. Includes cylinder, regulator, safety gloves and a non-rebreather Oxygen mask and tubing that is used for administration of free flow oxygen.

The M-7 size cylinder provides approximately 15 minutes of Oxygen when breathing at a rate of 15 lpm. This is adequate for minor issues where 100% Oxygen are required for only a short time until the boat can reach the dock or the proper authorities are able to respond directly. Remember, it is vital to get a diver in need onto 100% oxygen as soon as possible..are you sure your dive boat operator has the current and required safety oxygen on board? Be Prepared!

Kit Includes:

  • M7 size DOT and TC approved Oxygen cylinder rated to 2015 psi
  • Toggle style, CGA 870 standard Oxygen valve
  • CGA 870 Oxygen regulator with gauge
  • Non-rebreather Oxygen mask and tubing
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Padded nylon carrying bag
  • Disposable gloves

Approximate dimensions of {12" x 4"} {30.5cm x 10.2cm}

The included pulse oximeter noninvasive tool for monitoring an individuals' oxygen saturation in real time. Offering one-button operation, it can be easily read from two sides with an OLED display screen and a graphic display of the intensity of the pulse signal. Requires two AAA alkaline batteries, included along with a case and lanyard.

Please note that the oxygen cylinder in this kit is shipped empty. We strongly recommend purchasing this kit ONLY for use in North America and the Caribbean. Marking and labeling requirements in many other areas of the globe (especially Europe) are different than North American standards.

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Nice compact effective portable O2 unit.
Nov 25, 2019
Easy to use (we practiced.) No problems filling the cylinder as long as your dive shop has the adapter. Nice to toss in the back of the truck on the way to the springs. You never know - it could be you that needs it or maybe you can help someone else. Definitely get training, though.
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Handling Emergency Oxygen Kits

In general, emergency oxygen kits for divers are very simple and easy to use by design. However, to properly use and maintain any kit you should take an Emergency O2 Provider course offered by all major dive training agencies. Most courses are completed in a single evening and many courses offer the option of CPR certification as well. Kit maintenance is similar to periodic maintenance for your scuba tanks and regulators: the oxygen cylinder will need a hydro test and visual inspection every five years (but no need for an annual VIP as you should never immerse a medical oxygen cylinder) and the oxygen regulator should be serviced at that time as well.

The cylinder in the kits are always shipped empty, so you will need to arrange to get an oxygen fill in your emergency oxygen cylinder. Local practices vary depending on the gas supplier, but in general the US Federal Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) rules allow local compressed gas suppliers to fill medical oxygen cylinders with USP grade oxygen without a prescription when the cylinder is labeled "OXYGEN Emergency Use Only". Your Emergency O2 Provider training course will include specifics on how best to get emergency oxygen fills in your area.