DGX Gears Ultra View Frameless Mask

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DGX Ultra View Single Lens Frameless Mask w/Mesh Bag

DGX Gears Ultra View Frameless Mask

Front View
Front View DGX Gears Ultra View Frameless Mask DGX Gears Ultra View Frameless Mask DGX Gears Ultra View Frameless Mask
  • UltraClear Iron-free glass
  • Soft silicone body with a double silicone face skirt
  • Single lens frameless design w/ wide angle of vision
  • Fits most standard-to-wide faces
  • Excellent Price! Excellent Quality!

This single lens frameless design with a double face seal on the skirt fits nearly all Medium to Wide faces.

The DGX Ultra View frameless mask offers an incredibly clear glass lens that provides the most clarity possible during your dives. During ordinary glass production, tiny metal particles such as iron remain within the glass. These impurities create a green tint in the lenses of ordinary masks and also slightly distorts the view through such lenses, especially in underwater low light conditions.

The Ultra View lens in this mask is made of special impurity free glass and provides ultra-clear, distortion-free vision with maximum light transmission. Diving underwater it seems as if there was no lens in front of your eyes at all. You will see this EXACT mask sold under a variety of different brands. DGX sells it to you at the right price! Matte black color with matte black silicone skirt.

A small DGX Gears logo is printed on the side buckles.

Includes the DGX padded mesh mask bag.

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Brand DGX Gears
SKU DX-401106-UV
Weight 0.800000

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Verified Buyer
I have finally found the one.
Sep 18, 2023
After trying multiple masks with no luck, I have finally found the one for me here. I have been struggling with smile lines cause leaks in the bottom of my mask in addition to issues with my nose fitting in the pocket but with this mask, I have zero issues. On top of that, this mask is very comfortable, great field of view, and at the price, a steal for what you get. Will be ordering a second one as a backup.
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Verified Buyer
Jul 27, 2023
WOW! I was skeptical based on the price, but this is a HIGH-QUALITY mask!! I tried seven other masks at the same time from well-known manufacturers at 2-3 times the cost. This mask was the winner by far, and I returned every single one of the others. Compare this mask to those with similar features made by companies starting with an "H", "A" and "DR" - it is basically the same mask at more than half the cost. It provides a great seal, an extremely clear view, is easy to clear, and even packs down flat for storage or use as a back-up. After my initial evaluation, I bought a second one right away. Although it works flawlessly right out of the box, I did add a softer silicone aftermarket strap on my primary mask - that added an increased level of comfort and luxury and was the icing on the cake for this item. Try this mask out; you won't be disappointed!
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Verified Buyer
This just delivered today and ...
Sep 28, 2022
This just delivered today and I can already tell it's incredible. Huge nose pocket fits my weird huge bridge just fine and the glass is much closer to my eyes than my old Tusa masks, which means far wider field of vision. I was able to get it to stick to my face with a little negative pressure from my nose, so I think it'll work great. The price is so right!
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Verified Buyer
Finally found my mask!
Jun 21, 2022
Finally found my mask! After buying multiple masks and having no luck, I finally found a frameless mask that fits! This mask covers the corners of my eyes and doesn’t leak under my nose due to my beard! I even bought the new xdeep radical and that almost fit, but due to my beard the mask leaked like crazy under my nose. Could be happier with this purchase so I bought a second as a backup. A+++ mask and A+++ store!!! Thanks DGX!!
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Verified Buyer
It's the best mask I ...
May 23, 2022
It's the best mask I own, but somehow I wish they'd developer lenses that just never fog, ever, and I'm holding out my 5 star for such an innovation.
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Look no further
Oct 25, 2021
Excellent mask. More field of view than a Scubapro Frameless at a fraction of the price. Folds flat for use as a spare if needed. As I have a mustache I get slight seepage but that is easily prevented with a dab of hair care beeswax to my 'stache and then it stays well sealed.
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Verified Buyer
Best mask I've ever owned.
May 12, 2021
Best mask I've ever owned. After suffering through a series of high-priced masks that ruined my dives by leaking, I read rave reviews about the DGX Ultra View Frameless Mask---and decided to give it a try. It's fantastic right out of the box! I've had 40 trouble-free dives since I bought my first one; now I've added another one as a backup mask on my tech harness and got one for my wife too. She also loves the mask. This mask should sell for three times its price. Thanks DGX!
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Verified Buyer
Best mask I've ever worn
Oct 27, 2020
Best mask I've ever worn. The matte outer texture is easy on the hair, and the carrying case is well designed to both soften blows to it and quickly dry. The fit is an 8/10. I used a mask cleaner and a stiff toothbrush to clean it (~5 min) initially, and am able to easily defog it.
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Verified Buyer
Awesome mask.
Jun 28, 2020
Awesome mask. I was skeptical when it arrived. Was not sure about the fit. I finally got to dive it today, Excellent mask. Seal was excellent even with my mustache. Packs tight. Comes with a cool little padded bag. Like everything I have purchased with DGX name on it this one excels as well. I love it and will order a backup with my next order.
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Verified Buyer
great mask
May 23, 2020
turns out that being cooped up inside for months due to a pandemic means that my prior masks are all not fitting, including the frameless I had bought elsewhere. Since my budget was blown, I thought I'd try this. At about a third the price, the actual quality is at least as good, and the fit perfect. Planning to pick up a couple more as a backup and for my wife!
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING
Example water entry with diver protecting mask and regulator

This mask is not a "pool toy"; it is intended for use by SCUBA divers who are trained to make a proper water entry while protecting the mask and regulator with their hand. Improper handling or use may cause lenses to shatter upon impact.

Don't use toothpaste as an abrasive cleaner on modern dive masks, especially those masks that have optical quality ultra-clear glass lenses, vision correction lenses or 'optical coatings' on the lenses. You will either damage the lenses, or needlessly waste toothpaste since most modern toothpaste formulations are not at all abrasive. The same goes for using a lighter to 'burn' the lens to prepare a new mask. Dive Gear Express will not warranty masks that have been treated with abrasives or burned with lighters.

Most new dive masks do have mold release agents in the flexible skirt that during storage will migrate to the surface of the lens and cause fogging. These deposits can be safely removed with an extra application of a powerful surfactant like liquid dish soap, baby shampoo, SeaQuick or SeaDrops defog.