DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool

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The DGX M-Cut is a lightweight and corrosion resistant cutting tool.

DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool

DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool with Sheath
DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool with Sheath Open and Closed Positions Open Position Closed Position Mounted Horizontally on 2-Inch Webbing
  • Premium corrosion resistant titanium alloy
  • Double-sided blade with serrated and non-serrated edges
  • Fits onto any { 2 in | 5 cm} webbing or belt
  • Includes nylon webbing sheath

The DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool has a very sharp titanium alloy blade that provides an incredibly effective cut. The two most useful properties of titanium are the corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. You never need to sharpen the blade! It is also very easy to clean as titanium is less prone to corrosion, making a quick rinse after diving all you need to maintain the tool for years of use. The double sided blade is serrated on one side and non-serrated on the other. Serrations create a semi-saw on the blade that is ideal for an aggressive cutting action on cable or cord. The non-serrated edge is the best choice for a clean, precision cut. The blade is ideal for slicing and can easily cut line up to { 0.3 in | 8 mm } in width and { 2 in | 5.1 cm } nylon webbing with little effort.

The M-Cut's small size makes it ideal for use as an underwater cutting tool. The double-sided design means that it can be used efficiently in a variety of situations. The high strength plastic frame protects the blade's edge, and comes in a Hi-Viz orange and yellow color combination. The tool is mounted in a polypropylene handle with a velcro strap for attaching to the sheath. The included harness mount sheath has two mounting options on the back and fits any { 2 in | 5.1 cm } harness webbing. The mounting options and the small size of the M-Cut means it can be located on any area of a diver's configuration.

Always check the blade prior to diving and replace as necessary.

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Verified Buyer
These are extremely sharp and ...
Jan 26, 2023
These are extremely sharp and cut a variety of things reliably. I also have the fixed version which is sharp but cant fit tight knots like those found between bolt snaps; but these open up and cut them with no problem. Some dive sights so allow dive knives so these are a great option. Fits on 2" webbing or as a backup cutting device on a Perdix dive computer. Lots of placement options.
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Verified Buyer
Highly recommend one or two ...
Jan 13, 2023
Highly recommend one or two readily available as a complement to a knife. This is not a substitute for carrying at least one quality dive knife but under many circumstances (such as bouncing around in rough surface conditions and especially if needing to cut an entanglement or harness from off a diver) the M-Cut is a superior choice.
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Verified Buyer
This line cutter is excellent!
Jul 25, 2022
This line cutter is excellent! The Eezycut Trilobite rusted, the Riff ceramic line cutter is dull, so I ended up trying this one and was not disappointed. It cuts well and due to its swiveling protective arm even cuts thicker materials. Due to its titanium construction, I do not need to worry about corrosion either and can just leave it alone after dives save for the usual rinse.
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Verified Buyer
Best line cutter yet.
Oct 26, 2021
We dive these with the Sheriff's Office here in SF Bay (San Mateo County). We routinely encounter all types of crap - rope, monofilament, fishing nets etc. The small aperture line cutters with fixed jaws wont do it, this is superior in all ways, as it opens up to accommodate larger diameter junk. Of course, we also carry cast cutter shears or paramedic shears for wire/cable and so on, but this does well for +90% of the time. Cant recommend highly enough. Plus they don't rust out in 2 days. Huge value for the money. Whoever designed these deserves a thank you !
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Response from Admin
Oct 27, 2021
They were designed by Mr. Paul Law
Oct 27, 2021
well thank Mr Law then ! He deserves it,. We will buy him lunch if he's ever in the Bay Area :-)