DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool

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The DGX M-Cut is a lightweight and corrosion resistant cutting tool.

DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool

DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool with Sheath
DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool with Sheath Open and Closed Positions Open Position Closed Position Mounted Horizontally on 2-Inch Webbing
  • Premium corrosion resistant titanium alloy
  • Double-sided blade with serrated and non-serrated edges
  • Fits onto any { 2 in | 5 cm} webbing or belt
  • Includes nylon webbing sheath

The DGX Titanium M-Cut Safety Tool has a very sharp titanium alloy blade that provides an incredibly effective cut. The two most useful properties of titanium are the corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. You never need to sharpen the blade! It is also very easy to clean as titanium is less prone to corrosion, making a quick rinse after diving all you need to maintain the tool for years of use. The double sided blade is serrated on one side and non-serrated on the other. Serrations create a semi-saw on the blade that is ideal for an aggressive cutting action on cable or cord. The non-serrated edge is the best choice for a clean, precision cut. The blade is ideal for slicing and can easily cut line up to { 0.3 in | 8 mm } in width and { 2 in | 5.1 cm } nylon webbing with little effort.

The M-Cut's small size makes it ideal for use as an underwater cutting tool. The double-sided design means that it can be used efficiently in a variety of situations. The high strength plastic frame protects the blade's edge, and comes in a Hi-Viz orange and yellow color combination. The tool is mounted in a polypropylene handle with a velcro strap for attaching to the sheath. The included harness mount sheath has two mounting options on the back and fits any { 2 in | 5.1 cm } harness webbing. The mounting options and the small size of the M-Cut means it can be located on any area of a diver's configuration.

Always check the blade prior to diving and replace as necessary.

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