DGX Titanium EMT Shears

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Trauma shears are often carried by ocean divers for use in cutting fishing line, fishing nets, rope or wire.

DGX Titanium EMT Shears

DGX Titanium EMT Shears
DGX Titanium EMT Shears
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel blades and hinge bolt
  • Titanium nitride coating to resist corrosion
  • Sharp-edge upper blade - serrated-edge lower blade
  • Clothing-lift lip and rounded tip for safety
  • Non-slip contoured black color handles

These trauma shears have heavy-duty stainless steel construction (blades as well as the hinge bolt) and the blades are coated with industrial titanium nitride for longer lasting edges that better resist corrosion. Suitable for use in saltwater, these are not single-use disposables; they have a sharp-edge upper blade and serrated-edge lower blade featuring a clothing-lift lip and rounded tip for safety, along with non-slip contoured black color handles to provide maximum control even when wet. Note this item is just the naked shears with a vinyl storage pouch but no harness mount, measuring {7.5 in | 19 cm} for the longest dimension. Add the DGX lanyard and/or DGX Waistbelt Sheath if you prefer an easy storage option.

NOTE: StainLESS does not mean StainPROOF and all diving products made of stainless steel must receive some basic care to help minimize corrosion. At the conclusion of the dive day, as soon as possible please rinse the cutting tool with fresh water after diving or when otherwise in contact with salt water, allow them to dry and do not store them in damp or moist environments or near aluminum. Make sure any storage sheath or pouch is also rinsed and allowed to dry before returning the stainless item to the pouch.

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