DGX Thin SPG, Naked

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The compact thin submersible pressure gauge has a 2-inch diameter and 1.75-inch face with a polycarbonate plastic face cover and nickel-plated brass housing. Available in PSI or Bar with choice of white or black face.

DGX Thin SPG, Naked

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  • Nickel plated brass housing with coiled Bourdon tube mechanism
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate plastic face cover
  • Available in PSI or Bar graduations, white or black face
  • Luminescent dial glows-in-the-dark - easier to read in low light situations
  • SPG is {2 in | 5 cm} diameter with {1.75 in | 4.4 cm} face

The compact thin submersible pressure gauge features a nickel plated brass housing and a coiled Bourdon tube mechanism. The luminescent dial glows-in-the-dark, making it easier to read in low light situations. The SPG has an impact resistant polycarbonate plastic face cover. Our naked SPGs are suitable for oxygen service and include the spool, with two oxygen compatible o-rings, to mate the HP hose swivel to the gauge. Available in your choice of PSI or BAR, the thin SPG is { 1.75 in | 4.5 cm } diameter with { 1.5 in | 3.8 cm } face in white or black. The SPG is { .75 in | 1.9 cm } thick.

This popular gauge is sold under a variety of brand names, but are all manufactured by Termo Industria in Italy. The thin SPG is not as durable or accurate as our larger 'brass and glass' models. The polycarbonate plastic face cover requires additional care to avoid abrasion as it will scratch with use. This not usually apparent in water, but can make them difficult to read above water. The scratches can be buffed out, but most people just replace them if the cover has received so much abrasion that scratches become an issue. Also note that if you vigorously shake the thin naked gauge, you will hear the sound of the internal coil spring contacting the body. The click sound is perfectly normal for all the thin gauges regardless of brand, and in no way affects the performance of the gauge. The larger naked gauges, because they have a larger body that allows a different design, do not make this sound.

All high pressure hoses and SPGs use an 'air spool' with two tiny o-rings to mate the swivel connector on the hose to the fitting on the gauge. With a worn or missing air spool, any HP hose will LEAK at the swivel. The air spool is INCLUDED with this gauge and we strongly recommend replacing the air spool when replacing the gauge or hose.

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SPG Depth Ratings

The benchmark for SPG's in technical diving is the Italian made Termo Industria "Tech Gauge" (aka "brass & glass") model in two sizes with a dial that has been branded with logos of virtually every technical diving equipment supplier worldwide. Dive Gear Express sells it too, as our "DGX Premium SPG" with an uncluttered dial that does not have our logo on it. Termo specifications for their gauges only reference the European Union recreational EN250 standard, which essentially means all their gauges are officially rated by the manufacturer to the {164 fsw | 50 msw} depth of the standard. Regardless, technical divers have been taking the Termo brass & glass SPG to depths far beyond {330 fsw | 100 msw} without issue, for decades.

Termo Industria also makes a compact SPG model they call the "2K" and we sell it as our "DGX Thin SPG". The Thin SPG has a polycarbonate face cover held in place with a large O-ring seal. The thin gauge has an issue with depths significantly below {164 fsw | 50 msw}; it doesn't flood but you can't trust the indication either. What happens is water pressure causes the plastic face cover to depress slightly into the cavity of the gauge eventually touching and holding the needle against the dial so that it cannot move. When that is happening, the gauge reading as indicated by the needle is unreliable. Once you ascend, the cover returns to normal and the needle returns to normal indication as well. We don't recommend our "Thin SPG" for use significantly below {164 fsw | 50 msw}.