DGX Slidable Buckle for D-Ring

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Sliding D-rings are installed on the harness in addition to primary d-rings.

DGX Slidable Buckle for D-Ring

Slidable Buckle for D-Rings
Slidable Buckle for D-Rings Top View On 2-Inch Webbing with Low Profile D-Ring

The DGX Slidable Buckle for D-rings are installed on the harness in addition to primary d-rings, and can be pushed up and down webbing to the desired position. The Slidable Buckle allows on-the-fly adjustments of sidemount cylinders at the clip-off point to compensate for tank bouyancy changes. Its a simple yet durable part that will let sidemount divers keep the cylinders in perfect position throughout entire dive, ensuring the most streamlined and comfortable trim profile.

DGX S/S Slidable Buckle will work with any { 2 in | 5.1 cm } wide nylon harness webbing. Use the dropdown to order D-rings, if needed.

This D-ring made of stainless steel allows the diver to easily adjust the position of the D-ring underwater. The position of the sidemount tanks can be safely changed by a simple pull of the D-ring. As a result, the sidemount diver always remains streamlined in a horizontal water position. Especially with gloves or even when using more than 2 tanks, the repositioning of the primary tanks is often very difficult. With limited freedom of movement this is at the expense of the water situation and in case of doubt even at the expense of the safety of the dive. A clipping is no longer necessary. Even heavy steel tanks remain firmly in their position and can still be moved easily with the adjustable sidemount D-ring. Well-known exploration divers, cave divers and wreck divers like Patrick Widmann, Steve Martin or Tom Steiner trust in this adjustable sidemount D-ring.

Adapter with roller - Technical data: V4A stainless steel Length approx. 60 mm Width about 37 mm Thickness about 5 mm Roll diameter. about 10mm

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