DGX Premium Single Tank Adapter, Short

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For divers who frequently switch their harness, backplate and wing between double tank and single tank rigs, or between backmount and sidemount configurations, the DGX Single Tank Adapter (STA) is a convenient way to attach cam straps to a backplate without having to thread the cam straps through the backplate slots and reweave the cam buckles.

DGX Premium Single Tank Adapter, Short

Complete Kit - STA Plus Hardware and Pads
Complete Kit - STA Plus Hardware and Pads Short and Standard Size Comparison Includes Cam Strap Pads and Hardware
  • Constructed of marine grade 304 stainless steel
  • {11.8 in | 30 cm} Short style is appropriate for smaller aircells and travel wings
  • Includes 2 rubber pads for a secure cylinder
  • Includes all stainless hardware required
  • Allows for rapid switch from double to single cylinder

The DGX Premium Short STA is constructed of marine grade passivated 304 stainless steel.

This short length { 11.8 in | 30 cm } / { 1.0 lb | 0.46 kg } version is appropriate for smaller aircells and travel wings. The width is { 3.1 in | 7.9 cm }.

The adapter includes all stainless hardware, including pairs of both { 1.0 in | 2.5 cm } and { 1.5 in | 3.8 cm } long 5/16-18 thread carriage bolts (with some backplates the longer bolts are needed) on { 11 in | 28 cm } centers, metal washers and wing nuts, plastic retaining washers, along with two rubber pads to protect the tank. Two S/S Tank Straps are available as an option.

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Verified Buyer
Light and compact STA, but design could have been much better
Mar 19, 2019
While I like the price and overall construction of the STA, I wish they designers took a moment to think how divers will use it. The webbing slots overlap with the mounting holes, which means to disassemble the wing from the BP, a diver either has to burn a hole in the webbing to access the thru-hole, OR loosen the webbing to be able to insert/remove the bolt. Both of those extra steps could have been eliminated if the position of the clearance holes was offset from the slots. I hope DGX updates their engineering designs and re-machines this. See photos.
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Verified Buyer
Double to Single Adapter
Dec 11, 2018
The Single adapter was simple to assemble and holds my Alum 80 Tank perfectly in place. It also allows me to use my TEC gear for recreational diving. Highly recommend it!
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Verified Buyer
Jul 24, 2018
Holds a single steel 85 just fine.
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Verified Buyer
Simple and solid
Nov 22, 2017
Being a single tank adapter, it only has one job, and it's not particularly difficult. This low-profile design is fantastic, made from solid materials and can accept standard tank webbing straps (in my case, a brand with a blue "H"). The lower profile to the normal "box" design improves streamlining and makes the whole setup feel more stable. Having the tank almost an inch closer to the back plate makes it easy to reach valves/hoses if required while on your back. Absolutely no reservations in recommending this product.
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Verified Buyer
As expected and arrived at
May 29, 2017
As expected and arrived at time
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Verified Buyer
Quick shipping! Sta works gear
May 23, 2017
Quick shipping! Sta works gear highly recommend for a backplate setup tank doesn't roll..A+
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Verified Buyer
Excellent service
Jan 5, 2017
Its perfect buy with you Excellent service
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Single Tank Mounting with Backplates

  • If you occasionally switch between doubles and singles, you can configure your backplate (including the soft backplates of the TransPac and Nomad) to attach to a single tank by adding two tank straps threaded through the tank strap slots of the backplates. Note that when a traditional metal backplate is off the tank, the wing will hang loose on on the straps. This is cosmetic and does not otherwise cause problems, but if you wish you can use two plastic assembly screws to hold the wing against the backplate. Omitting the STA also reduces weight.

  • If you frequently switch between doubles and singles, you may prefer the speed and convenience of adding the straps using an optional single tank adapter mounting plate. Using an STA means the strap buckles never have to be unthreaded and re-weaved plus the STA also holds the wing in place with the plate when off the tank and adds weight to the rig. Some backplate and wing designs include provisions for tank strap slots, but if you have an backplate or a wing design without the tank strap slots then you must add straps using a single tank adapter.

We are often asked if the tank mount would be more stable and secure using the STA, as opposed to threading the cam straps directly through the backplate. We've tested several configurations and discovered that threading the straps through the backplate is at least as stable as when using an STA. Using an STA sets the tank farther away from the backplate and allows the tank to rock slightly by pivoting from side to side on the bolts. Using the straps threaded to through the backplate snugs the tank and wing up very tight against the backplate and does not allow the tank to rock.

Finally, although a common practice we do not recommend transporting your wing sandwiched between a backplate and single tank adapter, they should be disassembled to individual components with the soft goods packed separately from the hard metal components. The hard edges of the plate and STA if stored together with the wing and if subjected to ordinary impact could puncture the bladder inside the wing and cause a leak.