DGX Gears 1000-8 BUTTON Handheld Light

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The DGX Gears 1000-8 BUTTON Handheld Light features a true out-the-front 1000+ system lumens (maximum 3000 raw LED lumens) of cool white 6500°K light in a 8° OP reflector and a 60+ minute burn time in high mode.

If you are wondering about the difference between the DGX Gears 1000-6 and the DGX Gears 1000-8, then read our TekTip at the bottom of the page.

Due to restrictions on shipping batteries for international delivery, we must limit this light to only two per order.

DGX Gears 1000-8 BUTTON Handheld Light

DGX Gears 1000-8 BUTTON Light
DGX Gears 1000-8 BUTTON Light Complete Kit Unscrews at End Cap Double O-Ring Seal Battery and Charging Cable Front View
  • Offering 1000+ out-the-front lumens and depth of at least {492 ft | 150 m}
  • CREE XHP50.3 LED: Raw Lumens = 3000 (high), 1100 (medium), 350 (low) with 8° OP reflector
  • Burn Time: 60+ minutes in high, 120+ minutes in medium, and up to 10 hours in low mode
  • Includes lithium-ion 21700 protected 5000 mAh battery and USB-A to USB-C charging cable

Incorporating an aircraft grade aluminum housing and optical quality glass lens, the light is IP68 rated to { 492 ft | 150 m }. This BUTTON version is multi-function and offers a LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH power as well as a STROBE function. Repeatedly push the BUTTON on the light head portion to cycle between LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH output activation. A quick double push of the button when in any light mode will activate the STROBE function. Once the strobe is activated then another single push will revert back to normal light function. To activate a push button lock, hold the button while off until you see two flashes. The light won't come on again until you hold the button for 3-4 seconds.

A indicator next to the button feature is illuminated and will give an approximate battery life remaining notification with color changes. The indicator is solid green when the power is between 100-30%; solid red when the battery power is 30%-10%; and blinking red when the battery power is less than 10%. The tail has two sturdy rear tie-points for a bolt snap or use the included lanyard. The light has an electronic circuit to maintain constant light output as long as possible and provides reverse polarity & over temperature protection. (However, we do not recommend using other than briefly when not in water, it will quickly overheat!) Use the TTI-1004 Generic Mounting Bracket (Small) for helmet mounting this light. The anodized aircraft aluminum body measures { 6.2 x 1.9 x 1.1 in | 157 x 48 x 28 mm } (length x head diameter x tube diameter) with a dry weight of { 9.6 oz | 272 g } including the battery.

In The Box -- The DGX Gears 1000-8 BUTTON light head/body and end cap with two O-rings pre-installed on the body, plus a lanyard and a set of spare O-rings. The package also includes a lithium-ion 21700 protected battery suitable for high-drain devices and USB-A to USB-C charging cable.

There isn't a manual, however there is not much to know. To load the battery, unscrew the rear end cap from the body until the two pieces separate and then insert the battery into the body, positive end first such that the positive end will be pointing toward the light head. (Unlike our other models the rear end cap unscrews from the body and not the light head.) Hold the body and screw the end cap clockwise back together all the way until it stops. To turn on or off simply press the button on the head. One press will offer the LOW power setting, a second press of the button will offer the MEDIUM setting, a third press of the button will offer the HIGH setting, while a quick double press in any mode will activate the emergency STROBE feature. If the O-rings look dry, leave them in place but smear a very small amount of silicone lubricant on the part of the O-ring surface you can see. If the O-rings start looking flat, then replace them with the included spares. Do not store the light for extended periods with the battery remaining inside the body.

The DGX light includes a generic brand battery and USB-A to USB-C charging cable, but any good quality protected-type 21700 3.7V battery for high-drain devices is suitable. They all pretty much work the same way and are interchangeable. Some batteries ship with a small adhesive cover on one end, if so remove and discard. Connect the USB-C port on the battery to the charging cable and plug the USB-A end of the cable in to a mains-to-USB power adapter (not supplied) or other USB power source. FYI, some intelligent high-power adapters such as the USB-C 3.1 versions for flagship ultra-fast charging mobile phones may refuse to charge the battery for safety reasons. When the battery is charging, a red light will appear on top of the positive end of the battery, once the battery is fully charged then the light will change to green. Charging time varies considerably depending on the USB power supply and pre-existing charge level of the battery, typically 3 to 4 hours but can be as long as 6 hours, and it's normal for batteries to get warm while charging. Best practice is never leave charging unattended; once the battery is fully charged then unplug the USB cable from the battery.

Burn times with the supplied battery are a conservative estimate for technical diving use. Burn times can vary widely because we observe that most brands of lithium-ion batteries grossly over state their power rating claims.

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Customer Reviews

Choosing Between the DGX Gears 1000-6 and 1000-8 Handheld Lights

At first glance,the DGX Gears 1000-6 and 1000-8 handheld lights appear to be virtually identical, but there are some important differences. Both these lights are intensely bright and we describe them both as having 1000+ system lumens but these two lights are a good example of why you can't just look at the raw lumen ratings and assume that tells you everything.

  • The 1000-6 uses the Luminus SFT-40 LED: Raw Lumens = 2000 (high), 900 (medium), 250 (low) and a 6° SMO reflector with a burn time of 90 minutes in high, 168 minutes in medium, and up to 10 hours in low mode.
  • The 1000-8 uses the CREE XHP50.3 LED: Raw Lumens = 3000 (high), 1100 (medium), 350 (low) and a 8° OP reflector with a burn time of 60+ minutes in high, 120+ minutes in medium, and up to 10 hours in low mode.

The 1000-8 has a typical 8° degree beam width and OP (Orange Peel) reflector design that is used to make less noticeable any clutter, rings, or other noticeable defects in the beam profile. This is done by rippling the surface of the reflector, and is at the expense of some throw (i.e. the maximum distance the beam will project.) The 1000-6 is an SMO (Smooth) reflector with a tighter 6° beam width where the goal is to achieve maximum throw. A smooth reflector will have a surface like a mirror; it will throw further but will also show small defects in the beam profile.

Because the tighter 6° beam width concentrates the 2000 raw lumen output of the XF-40 LED in a smaller area as compared to the 3000 raw lumen output of the XHP50.3 LED with the 8° beam, the two lights appear to the diver's eye to have a similar brightness, especially underwater. Regardless, the laws of physics still apply and because the XHP50.3 LED puts out more raw lumens it must consume more energy and therefore has the shorter burn time. Overhead environment divers might prefer the tighter beam and longer burn time of the DGX Gears 1000-6, while sport divers may prefer the wider more even beam of the DGX Gears 1000-8. Advanced divers that prefer having multiple lights will benefit from carrying both a -6 and a -8.