DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with SHORT HP Hose

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Build your own custom SPG and SHORT high pressure hose assembly in your choice of Imperial or Metric and White or Black SPG face plus a short Flex, Rubber, or Stainless HP hose.

DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with SHORT HP Hose

DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with  SHORT HP Hose
DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with  SHORT HP Hose DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with  SHORT HP Hose DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with  SHORT HP Hose DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with  SHORT HP Hose DGX Custom - SPG Assembly with  SHORT HP Hose
  • Configure exactly as you want and we will assemble it complete with air spool
  • Available in your choice of flex, rubber, or stainless steel short hose
  • Very short high pressure hoses have special considerations

LOOK CLOSELY! A common mistake is ordering the wrong SPG, especially PSI or BAR. Because of the special considerations for very short HP hoses, we recommend the {9 in | 23 mm} braided Stainless Steel as the best choice for durability and reliability.

These short length high-pressure hoses are popular for use with deco, stage and sidemount applications. Order our premium quality naked SPG with spool that includes Nitrox Ready o-rings, and our premium quality short high pressure hose with everything configured exactly as you want and we will assemble it for you.

Regardless of brand, material or quality the very short high pressure hoses seem to prematurely develop "fizzing" leaks at the fitting swages sooner than the much longer HP hoses typically seen on backmount configurations. We suspect there are two reasons for these premature failures: First, the short hoses are often being folded back on themselves in deco, stage, and sidemount applications. Second, the very short length does not provide any cushion to the impact of pressurization as a result of rapidly opening the cylinder valve. See our TekTip below for our recommendations on rigging the SPG with very a short hose, and while valves should always be opened slowly on SCUBA cylinders this is especially critical when the first stage is rigged with a very short HP hose.

Our experience has been the 9-inch length is consistently more reliable than the 6-inch length, regardless of flex or rubber hose construction. Recent availability of the braided stainless steel jacket over an inner nylon tube construction offers improved reliability over the flex and rubber versions. Dive Gear Express now recommends the 9-inch braided stainless steel high-pressure hose for all diving applications that require a short HP hose.

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Rigging the SPG on Stage and Sidemount Bottles

SPG Rigging Examples

The classic method technical divers use to rig a stage or sidemount bottle is a compact or "brass & glass" gauge assembled with a very short high-pressure hose folded back on itself against the first stage and permanently tied in place with a piece of cave line. We do NOT recommend doing this with a rubber or flex hose because the hose is also permanently stressed at the two weakest points, the fitting swages. Although not as convenient to read, allow the SPG and hose assembly to lie straight against the tank while held against the side of the cylinder under a hose retainer. Because the short hose is less able to absorb the impact of rapid pressurization, we recommend following best practice to depress and hold the second stage purge while slowly opening the cylinder valve until the regulator begins equalizing with the cylinder pressure.

If you prefer folding the hose, then use a bungee loop (about 1 foot of 3/16" with the ends tied together in a fisherman's knot or we prefer an overhand loop w/pigtail) instead of cave line because when the regulator is off the stage the bungee loop allows the hose to be unfolded. Some divers also prefer using a slightly longer hose when folding, hopefully offering a reduction in stress on the folded hose. Regardless, in our experience all short rubber or flex hoses still may fail prematurely from being folded back on themselves. Recent availability of short high-pressure hoses with a braided stainless steel jacket, together with the bungee loop rigging method, seems to be the most durable and reliable compromise.

Here is one final thought... ask yourself "Do I really need a full size SPG?" Sometimes the exact amount of the gas remaining in an off-board bottle is not being used to control the dive. The only reason for the presence of the SPG on the travel or bailout bottle is the diver just needs an indication of cylinder contents as full, partial, or empty. If your diving application doesn't need an exact reading on gas remaining in the cylinder, an inexpensive button SPG will significantly reduce the number of failure points. This is especially true of bailout bottle applications, whereupon switch to bailout also terminates the dive and knowing the exact tank pressure is unlikely to be meaningful.