DGX Custom - DGX Gears D6 Regulator

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The DGX Gears D6 is an environmentally sealed, balanced diaphragm first stage regulator with a balanced and adjustable second stage that offers excellent quality, performance and value.

Dive Gear Express has recently made a change to their second stage face covers. The new cover has been updated with the DGX logo. New images coming soon...

DGX Custom - DGX Gears D6 Regulator

Deep Six DGX DIN Regulator
Deep Six DGX DIN Regulator Symmetric Design and Port Alignments Fifth Port on Top of the Turret Black Soft Touch Silicone Front Cover User Adjustable Breathing Resistance Knob and Dive/Pre-Dive Switch Optional Add-on to Reg Package
  • High performance balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Swivel turret design w/ 5 LP ports and 2 HP ports
  • Low profile balanced adjustable second stage
  • Cold Water and Nitrox Ready
  • Optional DGX Tek Regulator Bag

The DGX Gears D6 regulator includes an environmentally sealed, balanced diaphragm first stage together with a balanced and adjustable second stage that offers excellent quality, performance and value. This regulator package is assembled by Dive Gear Express using DGX Gears D6 first and second stages, together with our flex or rubber hose in your choice of length and also includes a free DIN regulator cap.

The DGX Gears D6 first stage is a balanced diaphragm design featuring five standard size low pressure 3/8-inch ports on a swiveling turret, and two standard size high pressure 7/16-inch ports. The first stage features a symmetric design and port alignments that support a huge variety of mounting orientations and hose routings. The fifth port on top of the turret offers an additional hose routing option that is popular for backmount manifolded double cylinder or Sidemount configurations and is a good choice as both primary and backup first stage. Environmentally sealed for cold water performance, the DGX comes standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector and is Nitrox Ready.

The DGX Gears D6 second stage is pneumatically balanced for excellent breathing at depth. Internally it contains a chrome plated brass air barrel for performance and durability. The black soft touch silicone front cover for easy purge and along with a user adjustable breathing resistance knob. It also offers the venturi (Dive/Pre-Dive) switch for better flow control when needed and to reduce free flow upon initial entry.

The manufacturers recommended service interval is every two years or one hundred dives.

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What are the differences between the Deep Six DGX and Deep Six Signature regulators?

In short, you have two Deep Six regulator choices: a REALLY SOLID time-tested regulator in value priced DGX packages available exclusively at Dive Gear Express and an AWESOME new regulator in the Signature (fka Aegaeon) available at the Deep Six Gear website.

The Deep Six DGX first stage is a proven design and compared to the Deep Six Signature first stage it's a bit larger. The DGX rotating turret won't turn 360 degrees with a hose in all 4 LP ports where the Signature will rotate fully no matter if every LP port is used. The Signature is chromed then PVD coated for greater scratch protection, versus the DGX that is standard chrome. The Signature has a Teflon coated HP poppet and Teflon o-ring in the balance chamber giving increased performance, versus the standard poppet and Viton o-ring in the DGX. The Signature has a metal DIN handwheel, versus the DGX high-impact plastic DIN handwheel. The DGX second stage and the Signature second stage are slightly different body shapes. The Signature second stage barrel is Teflon coated over chrome, the DGX only chromed. The Signature has the Deep Six exclusive Turbine Poppet, the DGX does not.

The Signature comes with a special DIN cap that has a spare DIN o-ring in it, the DGX includes a standard DIN cap. The Signature first stage is also available in a native yoke version, the DGX is available with an optional yoke adapter. Other differences are the Signature regulator ships in the Deep Six orange dry box, the DGX regulator offers the optional DGX Tek Regulator Bag. The Signature includes free service parts, the DGX does not include free service parts. The Signature regulator is also eligible for one free periodic maintenance service.

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