DGX Gears Compact Mask

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It is an excellent mask for younger divers, petite women, or very narrow faced divers. Also great as backup for technical diving.

DGX Gears Compact Mask

Front View
Front View DGX Gears Compact  Mask
  • Very compact two lens design
  • Tempered glass lenses for safety
  • Soft comfortable black silicone skirt
  • Heavy Duty frame for durability
  • Great for small faces or as backup mask

The DGX Compact mask provides a very low profile tempered two lens design with a ridged outer frame to fit Extra Small to Standard size faces. It is an excellent mask for younger divers, petite women, or very narrow faced divers.

The overall size of this mask is smaller than most which also makes it ideal as a backup mask to store in a pocket during your dive. The thick outer frame provides sturdy support while the soft black skirt allows for a comfortable snug fit.

This mask has been sold under a variety of names by numerous brands but DGX sells it at the right price! Matte black silicone skirt with glossy black frame. Price includes the mask, strap and padded mesh bag.

A small DGX Gears logo is printed on the side buckles.

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Brand DGX Gears
SKU DX-401200BK
Weight 0.800000

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Verified Buyer
Classic Mask Design
Jun 19, 2020
I recently bought this mask for a grandson of mine. It appears to be a copy of my 40-year-old Cressi Occhio but made with black silicone instead of clear. It seems to be more flexible and seals a little better than my old mask. Only time will tell if it holds up as well, but I still use my Cressi sometimes. It is a good choice for free-diving plus it works fine for scuba too. Not only that, DGX sells it at an unbelievably low price.
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Verified Buyer
DGX Compact Mask
Jul 23, 2018
I ordered this mask for my son. It is an amazing value. The skirt and straps are incredibly soft and the lens configuration is perfect for a smaller face. We saw a comparable mask at a local dice shop and it had a retail price of $75. I was so impressed I ordered a DGX Rio mask for myself.
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Verified Buyer
Great kids mask
Sep 21, 2016
Bought these for my kids 9 and 7. Great fit much better quality than the typical "kids mask"
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING
Example water entry with diver protecting mask and regulator

This mask is not a "pool toy"; it is intended for use by SCUBA divers who are trained to make a proper water entry while protecting the mask and regulator with their hand. Improper handling or use may cause lenses to shatter upon impact.

Don't use toothpaste as an abrasive cleaner on modern dive masks, especially those masks that have optical quality ultra-clear glass lenses, vision correction lenses or 'optical coatings' on the lenses. You will either damage the lenses, or needlessly waste toothpaste since most modern toothpaste formulations are not at all abrasive. The same goes for using a lighter to 'burn' the lens to prepare a new mask. Dive Gear Express will not warranty masks that have been treated with abrasives or burned with lighters.

Most new dive masks do have mold release agents in the flexible skirt that during storage will migrate to the surface of the lens and cause fogging. These deposits can be safely removed with an extra application of a powerful surfactant like liquid dish soap, baby shampoo, SeaQuick or SeaDrops defog.