DGX Gears Aluminum Finger Spools

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These premium quality Aluminum Finger Spools, loaded with custom flat Dacron orange line are available in your choice of two sizes and four line lengths.

DGX Gears Aluminum Finger Spools

Various Size and Color Options
Various Size and Color Options 'Hole' and 'Line' Views of Each Reel Approximate Line Measurements Line Swivel with Loop and Double Eye Bolt Snap Curved Sides and Knurled Edges DGX Aluminum Spools
  • Durable aluminum alloy spool with knurled edges and curved sides for ease of use
  • Loaded with a custom FLAT shape orange Dacron line plus line SWIVEL
  • Leader loop of neon yellow line with shrink wrapped ends
  • Stainless steel { 3.5 in | 9.0 cm } double-eye bolt snap

Forming finger spools from metal offers durability, of course, but also allows greater freedom in design that yields the most compact form factor possible for a given amount of line. Metal construction almost doubles the capacity compared to plastic or POM with a thinner profile and more perimeter holes closer to the edge.

These premium quality Aluminum Finger Spools are available in your choice of four different lengths of line on two sizes. The Large size is { 3.0 in | 7.5 cm } in diameter, { 1.6 in | 4.1 cm } in width, with a { 1.0 in | 2.5 cm } center hole. The Small aluminum spool is { 2.4 in | 6.1 cm } in diameter, { 1.9 in | 4.8 cm } in width, with a { 0.8 in | 2.0 cm } center hole. All are made from an aluminum alloy, anodized for a long corrosion free life. Unique to this design, the edges of the spool itself have been knurled for a secure grip and the sides have been curved to improve ease of use during deployment. All spools include a { 3.5 in | 9.0 cm } heavy duty 316-series stainless steel double eye bolt snap. This size snap offers minimal 'dangle.' To help prevent twisting, a brass/stainless steel line swivel is attached between the end of the orange line and a leader loop of neon yellow line with shrink wrapped ends.


Size Orange Line Diameter Width Center
Small 50 ft | 15 m 2.4 in | 6.1 cm 1.9 in | 4.8 cm 0.8 in | 2.0 cm
Large Blue 100 ft | 30 m 3.0 in | 7.5 cm 1.6 in | 4.1 cm 1.0 in | 2.5 cm
Large Red 130 ft | 40 m 3.0 in | 7.5 cm 1.6 in | 4.1 cm 1.0 in | 2.5 cm
Large Silver 150 ft | 45 m 3.0 in | 7.5 cm 1.6 in | 4.1 cm 1.0 in | 2.5 cm
All dimensions are approximate.

Choose different line lengths depending on intended use, and easily distinguish each reel by the color. The orange line featured on our Aluminum Spools is better than the generic nylon line commonly used in diving applications because it is high tenacity. Similar to our Hi-Viz Orange Dacron line, but with a different construction. The line measures { 0.12 inches | 0.30 cm } x { 0.024 in | 0.060 cm }, giving it a flat appearance. This feature makes it easier to detangle. Dacron line costs a bit more than generic nylon line, but this abrasion resistant line has slightly negative buoyancy, won't twist or kink, and has minimal stretch. White nylon line is difficult to see in open water, but orange line stands out like neon, allowing easier line management with nearby divers.

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Customer Reviews

When is Enough... Enough?

The makers of dive reels and finger spools find themselves "between a rock and a hard place" as they say in cave country. Manufacturers know that for their devices to work properly, the line should only fill about 80% of the spool. Like a cup of liquid filled to the very brim, invariably an overfilled device will spill line back on itself and cause a jam on deployment. Then upon line retrieval, the diver has no hope of reloading the line as perfectly as a machine winder did initially, which means the diver is left with a bird nest.

So why do the manufacturers seem to often overload the spool? Because consumers, especially those new to using dive reels and finger spools, expect them be fully loaded to the brim and if they do not appear full the consumer may complain of being short changed or not purchase at all. The whole issue is compounded by the fact that most manufacturers don't use a line counter to load the spool, it's typically done by appearance not by measurement. Different workers will load line differently, but in general the tendency even in manufacturing is to overload the line plus packing too tight as a result of using machine winders. FYI, when you buy a reel or finger spool we loaded with our custom Hi-Viz line we use a line counter to produce a consistent load of the advertised length... but then even we load a little bit more; just to avoid consumer complaints about short loads.

The fix is very simple; if you are having a problem with jams or tangles on any dive reel or finger spool then try removing some of the line.