Apeks WTX Single Tank Wings

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Apeks WTX Single Tank Wings in three options of lift capacity.

Apeks WTX Single Tank Wings

D18 Front, Side and Back
D18 Front, Side and Back D30 Front, Side and Back D40 Front, Side and Back
  • Donut style wing with three options of lift capacity
  • Oval shape cradles cylinder for minimal drag
  • Small, lightweight and easy to pack for travel

The Apeks WTX Single Tank Wing series is a donut-style wing with three options for lift capacity. The D18 has { 18 lb | 8.2 kg }, the D30 { 32 lb | 14 kg } and the D40 has { 40 lb | 18 kg } of lift. The donut shape allows quick and easy movement of air from one side of the air cell to the other. This enables the diver to better control buoyancy and maintain trim and position easily in the water. The three options are an ideal wing for the traveling diver as they are small, lightweight and easy to pack.

Apeks Single Tank Wings feature a low profile oval-shaped inflator hose with a safety cable and a K-style power inflator. The low-profile dump valve is positioned on the front lower left side. All options offer stabilizing bars to minimize tank movement, two large drain grommets and a center mesh drain panel.

The WTX Single Wing series will fit onto an Apeks WTX Harness or an Aluminum, Stainless Steel Backplate or Ultralight Travel Plate using the Deluxe or the One-Piece Webbing Harness.

  • WTX-D18 - { 18 lb | 8.2 kg
  • WTX-D30 - { 32 lb | 14 kg }, OR
  • WTX-D40 - { 40 lb | 18 kg }
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