Apeks SureLock™ Weight System {20 lb | 9.1 kg} for WTX

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Apeks SureLock™ Weight System {20 lb | 9.1 kg} for WTX

Apeks Surelock Weight Pockets (Pair)
Apeks Surelock Weight Pockets (Pair) Back View Side View
  • Includes pair of diver droppable weight pouches
  • Each pouch holds up to {10 lb | 4.5 kg} of lead
  • {20 lb | 9.1 kg} total system weight capacity

The Apeks SureLock™ Weight System features the SureLock (patented) mechanical weight release buckles which prevent weights from releasing until you want them to. The pockets may be bolted to the WTX Harness using the included hardware and can also be mounted to a backplate with use of the SureLock Attachments. A 2-inch adjustable D-ring is on the outside of each pocket. Each pocket holds up to { 10 lb | 4.5 kg } of hard or soft lead, for a system total of { 20 lb | 9.1 kg }.

Note: The holsters in the complete Apeks SureLock™ Weight System use the included Surelock 1 (10lb) WTX pouch insert, which are 4" x 9" and is part number BT115137. The Apeks replacement Surelock 1 (10lb) Universal pouch insert is part number BT911149 which is 4" x 10", which will fit although with a bit of force.

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