Apeks Retroreflective Line Markers 5 Pack

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Apeks line markers with optionally applied retroreflective dots are used for orientation as a visual and tactile reference on a guideline.

Apeks Retroreflective Line Markers 5 Pack

Apeks Retroreflective Line Markers 5 Pack
Apeks Retroreflective Line Markers 5 Pack Dimensions are Approximate Line Arrow Color Options
  • Marker dimensions are approximately (2.6 in | 6.6 cm} by {1.6 in | 4.1 cm}, see individual pictures above for details
  • Approximately {0.10 in | 2.5 mm} thick
  • Injection molded ABS with retroreflective dots for improved visibility
  • Supplied in packages of five (5) markers and ten (10) loose user applied reflective dots stickers
  • Color choice of orange or white

Apeks brand line markers include the option to add a retroreflector on both sides. Similar to SOLAS tape, retroreflection is proven to increase visibility. Note that all three shapes of the Apeks brand markers include a small V-shaped notch and the corners of the line slots are absent from the design. Supplied in packages of five (5) markers and ten (10) loose user applied retroreflective stickers.

  • Line arrows are isosceles triangle shaped directional markers providing both a tactile and visual reference to indicate the path to the closest exit.
  • Line cookies are circular disk shaped non-directional markers to denote a specific location or circumstance on the line. They are often used to mark reference points, intersections, line gaps (i.e. jumps), or the presence of a diver on the guideline.
  • Line squares are rectangular shaped hybrid markers with a square area at the end opposite the slots, also called referencing exit markers (REM), to serve as a personal navigation tool but should be considered non-directional for anyone other than the diver placing the marker.
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White, Orange or Chartreuse; which is better?

Orange Firetruck
Chartreuse Firetruck

Traditional braided white nylon line is difficult to see in open water, but our Hi-Viz line stands out like neon, allowing easier line management with nearby divers. The durable color of our Hi-Viz line also remains the vibrant over time, unlike the color fading typical of ordinary nylon cave line that has been dyed. View the twenty second video of two divers on their stop during a training dive to watch the Hi-Viz Blaze Orange line in action. One of the divers is also carrying a backup spool loaded with Hi-Viz Blaze Orange, can you find it?

There is no easy answer regarding choice of color. Different colors are seen to differing degrees by the human eye, meaning people are more sensitive to some colors than others. Peak sensitivity is at portion of the visible spectrum where yellow transitions to green. With that in mind, most people will have the highest sensitivity to a fluorescent yellow-green color (aka chartreuse, greenish-yellow, neon green) just by the nature of how the human eye sees colors. Fluorescent yellow-green is somewhat more visible in dim light due to the Purkinje effect, however the blaze orange color is still on the brighter end of the spectrum making it highly visible too. Blaze orange also provides more contrast with some backgrounds, especially those common to diving.

Another thing to consider is there are an estimated 300 million people with some degree of color vision deficiency - most of whom are male; about 1 in 12 men are color blind (8%). Color vision deficient individuals may better perceive blaze orange due to contrast. The choices of blaze orange and florescent chartreuse have been extensively studied by human factors experts for applications such as transportation signage and high-visibility clothing.

We are not aware of any studies specifically for diving applications, however the other studies along with the science and the experience of our customers provides some guidance for our recommendations. In well lighted conditions, the blaze orange color is highly visible and by far the most popular color selected for safety items. Studies suggest the best compromise choice for all lighting conditions is the florescent chartreuse color. Regardless, it is proven that adding a Retroreflective stripe to either of those colors will greatly increase their visibility.

Sample of our DGX Ultra-Viz Retroreflective Line in Blaze Orange color for no additional charge.