Apeks Backplate - Stainless

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The Apeks stainless steel backplate accepts any {2 in | 50 mm} continuous webbing harness or may be inserted directly into the WTX Harness system.

Apeks Backplate - Stainless

Apeks Stainless Backplate
Apeks Stainless Backplate
  • 304 stainless steel with nickel electroplate finish
  • 3 mm thick, weight of {4.7 lbs | 2.15 kg}
  • Dimensions are { 16 in | 41 cm } tall X { 10 in | 25 cm } wide at the bottom w/ { 1.75 in | 45 mm } deep contour
  • Four slots per band (instead of two) offers exceptional stability when strapped to a single tank
  • Perfect fit backplate add-on for the Apex WTX and WTX-D harness systems

The Apeks Stainless Steel Backplate features both four upper and four lower slots that accommodate two tank bands so a single cylinder can be strapped directly to the plate, thus eliminating the need for a single tank adapter with Apeks brand wings. Three holes at the top and lozenge slot at the bottom provide a range of height adjustments and bolt alignments for a variety of air cells and cylinders. Also includes a { 2 in | 50 mm } wide crotch strap slot plus perimeter holes to allow for the mounting of accessories. Weighing {4.9 lbs | 2.22 kg}, the backplate is 3 mm thick marine grade 304 stainless steel in a nickel electroplate finish for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance with a laser-etched Apeks logo.

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Brand Apeks
SKU APX-BT115113
Weight 4.900000

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Why Choose Apeks?

Apeks was founded in 1974 by Ken Ainscough and Eric Partington, the two friends decided to combine their knowledge of diving and precision engineering with the APEKS company name also being a combination of their initials. Acquired by Aqualung in 1997, decades later that spirit of craftsmanship continues at Apeks. Their world-class production facilities and the fact that they have total control over every manufacturing process makes Apeks equipment a benchmark for design, quality and performance. Apeks products are being used by technical divers to explore some of the deepest, coldest and most challenging dive environments.

Apeks brand regulators include a Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as they are inspected or serviced annually by an AQUALUNG AMERICA Authorized Dealer. This warranty covers the original owner against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator and includes their Free-Parts-For-Life Program.