20/35 Trimix Dil - Constant PO2 Rebreather Dive Table

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The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) prepared these dive schedules in a standard structure that is familiar to divers trained in the use of traditional dive tables.

Printed on both sides of white waterproof flexible fabric sheets using special flexible inks in black with blue and/or green highlighting. Their flexible nature makes them easier and more compact to carry on the dive, and they have proven to be much more durable than traditional rigid plastic.

20/35 Trimix Dil - Constant PO2 Rebreather Dive Table

C-3106 C-3106B

These constant PO2 tables provide required-stop decompression schedules for depths of 100 fsw to 160 fsw using 35% Helium content Trimix diluent. Also includes the total % CNS Oxygen exposure for each schedule.

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