Zipper Stick Zipper Ease {0.5 oz | 14.2 g}

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Use Zipper Stick Zipper Ease to keep your drysuit zipper running smooth and corrosion free

Zipper Stick Zipper Ease {0.5 oz | 14.2 g}

Zip Tech Zipper Lubricant Package Front
Zip Tech Zipper Lubricant Package Front Zip Tech™ Zipper Lubricant by M Essentials™

Zipper Stick™ Zipper Ease high performance lubricant works on waterproof metal and plastic zippers in wetsuits, drysuits and more. Plus, Zipper Stick protects against salt, chlorine, rust and corrosion, and it repels dirt, sand and organic residues—so zippers last a lot longer. In its convenient roll-on container, Zipper Stick is a solid lubricant stick designed to lubricate the zippers on exposure suits for all watersports. Zipper Stick does not contain silicone or paraffin, does not break down the rubber or adhesive in the zipper skirt, and does not flake off or cause zipper jams. To use, apply Zipper Stick sparingly only to the outer teeth of zipper. Distribute lubricant by closing and opening zipper carefully. Repeat process until zipper moves freely and then wipe away excess. To protect and prolong zipper life, apply periodically and prior to long-term storage.

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