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The Vindicator Handwheel for scuba valves is a safety device that can help divers avoid inadvertently starting a dive with a cylinder valve in the wrong position.
Important: You must order the specific model to fit the brand of the valve. There are different models of the Vindicator Knob, each to fit one or more specific brands of scuba valve. Dive Gear Express stocks the three most popular models #2, #3, and #6 that fit the brands of the valves we sell. The #2 fits Thermo and Sherwood; the #3 fits Dive Rite and Scuba Pro as well as the DGX Premium valve; the #6 fits Blue Steel. NOTE FOR HOLLIS VALVES: You may choose any # knob but you must also select the #1 Insert from the drop down menu to make that knob compatible for the Hollis brand.

Vindicator Valve Knobs

Black Vindicator Valve Knob
Black Vindicator Valve Knob Green Vindicator Valve Knob Yellow/Green Vindicator Valve Knob Desert Storm Vindicator Valve Knob The Open (Green) and Closed (Red) Indicators Vindicator Knob Replacement
  • Clearly and quickly shows if valve is ON or OFF
  • Color coded multi-layer design for safety
  • Oversized for easy grip even with gloves
  • Available in four colors to denote gas mixes

The handwheel indicates at a glance if the valve is open, closed or in between. The Vindicator is an easy way to reassure yourself and show fellow divers the status of your cylinder valve. Dive boat operators and instructors like them because they can see the client tank valve is fully OPEN at a glance. This knob is also oversized, making it popular as a retrofit for valves that are difficult to reach or for use with gloves. In particular we like the idea of using the Vindicator on the crossbar, because isolator valves are notorious for being closed and not getting checked as part of predive preparations and fill operations. Available in four colors: Black, Green (often used to denote Oxygen and very rich Nitrox deco mixes), Green with Yellow band (often used to denote sport Nitrox) and Beige (often used to denote Trimix). NOTE FOR HOLLIS VALVES: You may choose any # knob but you must also select the #1 Insert from the drop down menu to make that knob compatible for the Hollis brand.

It's easy to install the Vindicator yourself or you can order all the valves sold by Dive Gear Express with the Vindicator already installed. Watch the one minute Product Video above demonstrating installation of the Vindicator on a tank valve.

We only carry the knobs listed above but you may refer to the list below to see all options available from Vindicator:

Model # - Fits These Brand Valves

  • Model #1 Halcyon
  • Model #2 Catalina, Dacor, OMS, PST, Sherwood 4000 & 5000, Thermo
  • Model #3 Dive Rite, Scuba Max, Scuba Pro
  • Model #3SP Youngdo
  • Model #4 Sherwood 6300, U.S. Divers/Aqua Lung
  • Model #5 U.S. Divers (Labeled Santa Ana, Cal.)
  • Model #5SP Genesis KA-30 (France)
  • Model #6 Blue Steel
  • Model #7 Genesis KA-70, Midland
  • Model #8 Harrison, XS Scuba
  • Model #9 San-o-sub
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Does the Vindicator knob make sense for experienced divers?

The Vindicator seems a somewhat recreational diver product that appeals to entry level divers. With experience, divers develop a gearing up process that validates their breathing gas is on by feel or actual test. Thus many experienced divers see little need for the Vindicator. However, some of our customers are active instructors and dive boat operators who frequently find themselves checking their clients have remembered to open the tank valve. We think experienced divers who are often in the presence of entry level divers will find the Vindicator has merit. Plenty of our customers have a 'belt and suspenders' attitude toward safety and also find merit in the Vindicator.

The oversized Vindicator will be attractive to many technical divers who must manipulate valves in water, particularly with cold water gloves. There are also two very specific technical diving applications where accident analysis has demonstrated a closed valve can be overlooked: Doubles manifold isolator valves and rebreather cylinder valves. Thus we recommend the Vindicator for those two technical applications.


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