Sidemount Diving - The Almost Comprehensive Guide

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The first almost comprehensive guide to sidemount diving and all that is involved. Includes instructions on popular methods and modifications along with detailed photos.

Sidemount Diving - The Almost Comprehensive Guide

Sidemount Diving - The Almost Comprehensive Guide
Sidemount Diving - The Almost Comprehensive Guide

The first release by technical diver, Instructor and now author Rob Neto this book examines and explores the sidemount configuration in detail. Relevant to both first time divers as well as seasoned professionals the book takes an in-depth look at the history of the unique configuration. Neto elaborates and goes on to give you tips on how to choose the correct system for your type of diving including stage cylinder mounting options, negotiating restrictions in a cave, no mount diving, sidemount diving off a boat, and more. His years of cave diving and exploration qualify Neto in this field as he highlights the advantages and limitations of sidemount diving in a variety of environments.

About the Author: Rob Neto has been sidemount diving for over a decade. Over the years he has experimented with various methods and currently uses three different sidemount rigs depending on the environment. Rob currently lives in Greenwood, Florida, located in Jackson County, just minutes from some of the best cave diving in Florida. He is an avid cave diver and cave explorer. Rob has extensive experience diving both steel and aluminum cylinders, using multiple stage cylinders, and sidemounting his rebreather bailout cylinders. He is an active scuba instructor and teaches a customized, photograph feedback sidemount course.

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