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Give your Pursuit, Predator, Petrel, or Perdix dive computer a "SPA Day" with our factory authorized periodic maintenance service for Shearwater Research dive computers.

Note this price does NOT include out-of-warranty repairs, contact us for repair quotes.

Shearwater recommends their dive computers be serviced approximately every three to five years, depending on amount of use. Faceplate seen better days? Here is a great way to have your Shearwater look like new.

Factory Authorized Service for your Shearwater dive computer includes:

  • Disassemble, clean, and carefully inspect all parts for damage/corrosion/wear
  • Always replace faceplate and sealing O-ring
  • Always replace battery door O-ring(s)
  • Always replace battery holder in Pursuit and Predator models
  • All factory recommended hardware and firmware updates
  • Assemble and test of electronics and button functionality
  • Water submersion pressure-pot test to Shearwater specifications
  • Verify depth reading for accuracy across a range of pressures
  • Return shipping included for US destinations
  • 5-day turn around from receipt of computer
  • Pursuit, Predator, Petrel, and Perdix models only

Enter an order for service using our shopping cart and checkout as normal. We request you do not include any other services or products on the order. Once you place your order we will e-mail a service form with shipping instructions.

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Brand Shearwater Research
Weight (lbs) 1.0000
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Sunscreen and Dive Computers

Because sunscreen is so often in proximity to dive computers, we would like to share some advice from our service technicians. There is at least one well documented study regarding polycarbonate cracks caused by sunscreen and similar studies of other products such as hand lotion. Many dive computers use a transparent polycarbonate plastic faceplate (aka "Lexan"), rather than glass, to seal the computer body yet permit viewing of the LED display. While sunscreen causing an actual crack in a dive computer body is unlikely, repeated sunscreen exposure can cause hazing or distortion of the clear plastic faceplate, thus blurring the display. We advise making an effort to avoid touching the faceplate of your dive computer display. If you suspect there might be sunscreen or lotion on your dive computer, because these chemicals are often water resistant, after your dive trip you can use baby shampoo or mild dish soap to gently wash the faceplate.


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