Service Parts for Dive Rite Valves

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Use these Service Parts to repair or rebuild Dive Rite brand SCUBA valves

Service Parts for Dive Rite Valves

Service Parts for Dive Rite Valves
Service Parts for Dive Rite Valves Service Parts for Dive Rite Valves

These are service parts for the Dive Rite brand modular valves. Note that in most cases these are not OEM supplied parts. The O-rings are oxygen compatible and supplied by Dive Gear Express.

The DGX DR-Valve Service Kit contains the O-rings and packing needed to service one Dive Rite single outlet valve. You should also add the appropriate plug and seat assembly; either the five thread version for current 3000 series valves or the seven thread version for the older 2500 series valves. These are not included with this service kit. Order two kits plus two plug and seat assemblies to service an H-valve configuration, and order three kits plus three plug and seat assemblies to service a dual-outlet manifold with isolator. Depending on the valve model and configuration you will have a few o-rings left over.

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Brand Dive Rite
Weight 0.100000
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Most authorized dealers are able to perform warranty, repair and service work on your equipment. Availability of sub-assemblies and components, repair parts, specialized tools and maintenance manuals does not imply qualification to assemble and/or service scuba equipment. Service by other than an authorized dealer voids the warranty on all products we sell. Improper service of dive equipment can lead to serious injury or death.

Dive Gear Express recommends that divers participating in more advanced technical and exploration type diving be trained in equipment service. We recommend that non-qualified individuals seek professional training/mentoring before attempting repairs or servicing on any diving equipment.

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