Reef Safe Mask Scrub {2 oz | 56 g}

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This SCUBA removes manufacturing chemical impurities from new masks and brings older dirty masks back to life.

Reef Safe Mask Scrub {2 oz | 56 g}

Reef Safe Mask Scrub
Reef Safe Mask Scrub
  • Removes manufacturing oily film from new masks
  • Brings older dirty mask lenses back to life
  • Non-Toxic to Sea-life - Biodegrades in Oceans, Lakes & Rivers
  • Will not harm or scratch plastic lenses
  • Contains no abrasive components or materials

This SCRUB removes manufacturing chemical impurities (oily film on lens) from new masks and brings older dirty masks back to life. We particularly note that this has NO ABRASIVE components (gritty beads or products) that we can detect at all. It will not harm or scratch plastic lenses. Also appropriate for use on swimming and ski goggles. Packaged in a {2 fl oz} size.

We note that the amount of solution you get from Reef Safe (2 ounces) represents a very good value for the price paid.

At Dive Gear Express we like the Reef Safe brand products because they are effective, reasonably priced, and the company seems to be environmentally aware. Oxybenzone, a specific chemical found in thousands of skin care products and in particular in many sunscreen formulations, has been demonstrated to be harmful to reef corals. However, please don't be misled by the brand name or the statement of biodegradability for this specific product that it is unique in these qualities. We have seen no evidence that any brand of mask cleaner or defogger formulation has ever contained Oxybenzone or for that matter has ever been harmful to reef corals. Likewise, as far as we know mask cleaners and defoggers in general are considered biodegradeable.

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