Poseidon Se7en REC Rebreather (US)

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The Poseidon Se7en Rebreather is a fully closed-circuit, automated rebreather (eCCR) that will allow you to have a very different and improved diving experience.

Poseidon Se7en REC Rebreather (US) is available to buy in increments of 1

This package from Dive Gear Express includes our DGX Consumables Kit with Sofnodive Absorbent Cartridge 8-Pack, Steramine Loop Sanitizer Tablets, Tribolube-71 O2 Compatible Lubricant, and DEOXIT Compact Spray; a $350.00 value.

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The Poseidon Se7en Rebreather is a fully closed-circuit, automated rebreather (eCCR) that will allow you to have a very different and improved diving experience. The Se7en is exceptionally small, light and simple to use. With an unmatched degree of automation, the diver is better able to enjoy the dive.

Designed, built and tested to perform in all conditions, the POSEIDON SE7EN is the next generation rebreather. Performance and ease of use are combined to enable divers of all abilities to experience the underwater world without compromise. Whether you want to get closer to marine life, spend much more time underwater, dive deeper or simply enjoy the bubble-free silence, the POSEIDON SE7EN is a different way to dive. Everything in the Poseidon Se7en is made with simplicity and safety in mind.

This version of the Poseidon Se7en Rebreather is version intended sport diving to {132 fsw | 40 msw}. The package from Dive Gear Express includes:

  • Se7en Closed-Circuit Rebreather
  • Rec 40 Battery
  • Paddle LCD Display
  • Molex Oxygen Sensors (qty 2)
  • 11-Inch Mounting Adapter Kit
  • Poseidon BCD for rebreather (Blue or Gray, Choice of Size)
  • 3L Aluminum Cylinders and Inline Valves
  • Tank Mounting Straps (set of four)
  • DGX Consumables Kit (Absorbent 8-Pack, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Deoxit)

If technical diving is in your near future plans then we strongly suggest purchasing the fully configured Se7en Tec CCR instead. Custom configurations are possible (for example a recreational configuration with a BPW or steel cylinders), contact us for a quote with your specific requirements.

Click Here to read Poseidon Se7en FAQ.

The US version differs from the EU version only in that the oxygen first stage regulator comes with the typical 300-Bar DIN connector (G 5/8" BSP), and NOT the M26x2 connector mandated in the European Union by EN 144-3:2003 "Outlet Connections For Diving Gases Nitrox And Oxygen".

We are an Authorized Dealer for the Poseidon rebreathers. We offer on-line ordering along with a complete stocking inventory of accessories, spares and consumables. Dive Gear Express also offers CCR instruction at our facility in SE Florida.

Due to the unique nature of the rebreather product, this item is NON-RETURNABLE.
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Rebreather Training

Every rebreather requires formal, model specific, training in order to competently dive with the equipment. Rebreather equipment pricing does not include training, and training is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. Training is available worldwide and Dive Gear Express also offers instruction at our facility in SE Florida for all models we sell. The typical full course training time is five to seven days consisting of a classroom lecture, confined water session and at least six OW dives. Our recommendation to divers seeking rebreather training is to select an instructor having several hundred hours of rebreather dives and for whom rebreathers are their primary mode of diving.

Because diving is a voluntary recreational activity, prior to delivery and training you must complete and sign legally binding agreements known as a Release of Liability and an Express Assumption of Risk. If you are not already certified for the rebreather, per manufacturer requirements you will receive a disabled unit that can only be enabled by your instructor. Once you complete training, your instructor will permanently enable your unit.

For general information on rebreathers, transitioning to closed circuit diving, rebreather safety, course descriptions, prices, and logistics, plus an equipment list for rebreather training, please visit CCR Instruction for the Dive Rite O2ptima and Poseidon Se7en rebreathers page.


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