Poseidon M28 Connecting Cable

This { 4 ft | 1.25 m} long CANbus cable has identical four-pin Fischer connectors at each end.

This { 4 ft | 1.25 m} long CANbus cable has identical keyed four-pin Fischer connectors at each end. The cable is suitable for connecting two Poseidon CANbus devices together; such as the M28 dive computer to Se7en rebreather, or the M28 to C-POD, or the C-POD to the Se7en.

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SKU PR-0000-690
Brand Poseidon
Weight (lbs) 0.5000
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Maintaining Poseidon Cable Connectors

Poseidon recommends the o-rings on the Fischer connectors be lubricated, but does not specify the lubricant. Based on our many years of experience with Fischer connectors on several other brands of diving computers, Dive Gear Express recommends using DeOxit GN5. The DeOxit will keep the o-rings sufficiently lubricated plus also clean and protect the low current contacts in the connectors. Some people prefer to fill the connector with a liberal amount of pure unscented mineral oil (aka paraffin oil or white oil), although it's a bit messy. We also specifically recommend avoiding any of the various silicone lubricants commonly used in diving applications as we suspect they are not compatible with the o-ring material in the connector.


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